Pfizer helps Exmoor ponies

Pfizer recently donated drugs to the Moorland Mousie Trust in the United Kingdom to help retain the value of the rare breed Exmoor pony. Pfizer has provided the local anaesthetic Domosedan, free-of-charge to enable the castration of the 14 colts on the Moorland Mousie Trust's current gelding program.

The Moorland Mousie Trust, granted charitable status in 2000, was established in order to support breeders with the promotion and conservation of the Exmoor pony. Presently there is no viable market for Exmoor colt foals. Through a coordinated handling and gelding scheme, the Moorland Mousie Trust is working to create a market which would give farmers and breeders some financial return for breeding these ponies.

Selective castration ensures quality stock remain entire while breeders can be sure that the colts which don't quite meet the grade for breeding still have a market value as gelded riding and driving ponies.

Pfizer also supported the Trust last year with the provision of Strongid-P wormers for the ponies.

Strongid-P Brand manager Laura Jenkins said: "We are pleased to be able to assist with The Moorland Mousie Trust's dedicated work which is helping to retain part of Britain's wonderful native pony heritage."


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