American Quarter Horse Association Board of Directors to Consider Eligibility of Cremellos and Amendment of "White Rule"

Cremellos or perlinos, which are horses that exhibit light or pink skin over the body, white or cream-colored hair, and blue eyes, might be eligible for registration in the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA). Last week, the AQHA Stud Book and Registration Committee voted to recommend to the Board of Directors (and general membership) that Rule 227 (i) be deleted, which has in the past excluded cremellos, based on information presented by veterinarians, geneticists, and veterinary ophthalmologists. The committee also voted to recommend that the “white rule,” Rule 227 (c), be amended; this amendment would allow the offspring of registered American Quarter Horses to be eligible for registration regardless of white markings, if parentage can be verified in those horses displaying white markings beyond designated lines on the horse’s body.

The committee met during a special session, so that members would have time to review fully information gathered by staff to discuss these rules, due to the limited time the committee has during its annual meeting each March at the AQHA Convention.

The committee's recommendations will be presented to the general membership and the board of directors in March during the annual convention in Anaheim, Calif.

"This is a positive, proactive way the Stud Book and Registration Committee can evaluate important rules that affect all members," said AQHA President Jim Shoemake. "As I have said before, AQHA maintains its right to draft, adopt and administer rules that have been democratically passed by its members, but just as importantly, we understand that we have an additional responsibility to continually review current rules as to their effect on the Association's members and the breed. I am proud of the members of Stud Book and Registration for taking the additional time necessary to review these rules."

AQHA's Annual Convention is March 7-11, 2003, at the Disneyland Hotel in
Anaheim. Comments or questions regarding AQHA's registration rules should be directed to members of the Stud Book and Registration Committee, AQHA Directors, or write to AQHA's Stud Book and Registration Committee at P.O. Box 200, Amarillo, Texas, 79168. You can also e-mail

The proposed recommendations, a list of AQHA Directors and members of the Stud Book and Registration Committee can be found at Information also is available in the November issues of The American Quarter Horse Journal, The American Quarter Horse Racing Journal and America's Horse, AQHA's member publications.

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