Update on 2002 Early Fetal Loss in Central Kentucky

Figures generated from ultrasound examinations undertaken on mares over 42 days of gestation by veterinarians specializing in equine reproductive practice in central Kentucky provide the following information.


Of 3089 mares examined between April 30 and May 17, 2783 (90%) remain pregnant. The normal rate of loss over this time period would range from 1-2%. The figures are derived from members of two equine practices in Lexington serving a large number of horse farms in the area.


Data collected by 20 veterinarians of Hagyard-Davidson-McGee Associates from mares greater than 45 days pregnant examined between May 6 and May 17 indicate 1848 (88%) of 2103 mares remained pregnant. Similar figures from the practice of Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital of mares greater than 42 days pregnant examined between April 30 and May 17 indicate 935 (95%) of 986 mares remained pregnant.


These figures provide a "snapshot" of information gathered over a specific time period during the early part of May. More comprehensive data will become available as the breeding season progresses.

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