Wanted: Colorado Horses With Navicular

Researchers at Colorado State University's (CSU) Equine Orthopaedic Laboratory are once again recruiting horses suffering from navicular disease to participate in the second phase of a horseshoe study. The first study, which began last August, exhibited success using different types of shoes to diminish lameness caused by imbalances in hoof conformation. The research team would like to see the same success with the next trial so they can offer some definitive, proven measures to help horses suffering from navicular disease. The study involves three different types of shoes: The traditional egg bar shoe, the Natural Balance shoe, and a yet-to-be released design by Dynamix, a Swiss shoe manufacturer.

The clinical trial, which will continue for the next year, involves comparing the effects of three different shoe types on horses diagnosed with clinical navicular disease, a degenerative condition of the navicular bone or soft tissues of the navicular area. (For more on navicular disease, see article Quick Find #49 at www.TheHorse.com.)

Potential participants should live in the area around Fort Collins, Colo., and should contact the James L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital for a preliminary examination by calling Jeffery Alldredge, DVM, at 970/491-4413. Horses will be evaluated for lameness, and those identified as candidates will be given the opportunity to participate in the study.

For information about the laboratory and the various projects in which researchers are engaged, visit www.colostate.edu/depts/equine/graduate/orthopedics/Default.htm.

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