Sample Letter to Legislators Concerning Supplements Available

A member of The Horse’s Editorial Advisory Board has offered this sample letter for horse owners and members of the horse industry who oppose the impending crackdown on animal nutritional supplements. (See and to learn more about this topic.) Suggested recipients of the letter include the following:

The president of AAFCO:

Dr. John Breitsman, Feed Program Specialist
Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Plant Industry
2301 N. Cameron Street
Harrisburg, PA 17110-9408

Your AAFCO state representatives (you can search by state on their website):

Your federal legislators (you can search by state and area code on this website): and

Updated information can be found at

Sample letter for pet owners, or petition for your office, groomer, pet store and health food stores:

Dear [insert name of senator, representative, AAFCO representative, AAFCO head, and FDA head here]:

I am a pet owner and I am extremely concerned about removal from sale of supplements designed for animals. I am not aware of such a number of side effects that this drastic action should be necessary.

I want supplements that are designed by veterinarians, and that are appropriate in dose and chemistry for my [dog, cat, horse, etc].

I believe that if these supplements are made illegal, research on supplements for companion animals will be stifled, and we want research done on these helpful but non-patentable substances. People will be left with no choice but to reach for human supplements which are not formulated for animals and left to completely guess at what course of action may be best for the pet they dearly love.

Removal of animal supplements from sale will not solve the problem; indeed, it will significantly worsen the situation. Please, let's avoid a New "Prohibition" of substances that we have used safely and successfully for many years.

Thank you for your time and attention.


[your name]

CC: your federal legislators
Your state AAFCO official
AAFCO president

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