Afghan Equine Refugees

The Brooke Hospital for Animals (BHA) has three branches in Peshawar, Pakistan, a city near the Afghanistan border. The hospitals have been treating the working animals belonging to poverty-stricken Afghan refugees free of charge. The refugees rely on their horses and donkeys to pack or pull construction supplies, food items, and other loads, and many earn their living with the animals' use. Unfortunately, a sick or injured animal is a burden. That's where the veterinarians at BHA step in to help--by treating horses and donkeys, educating the owners, and offering affordable, animal-friendly saddle packs and harnesses. BHA started its work in Pakistan 10 years ago, and reportedly there has been a visible improvement in the care of the animals and the types of injuries that are admitted for treatment. For more information on the hospital and how you can help with the  cause, visit

About the Author

Kate Orne

"Kate Orne, Photographer / Activist, has spent the past 10 years focused on equality and animal issues in Pakistan. Since 2005 Orne’s focus has been on the little knows sex-industry in Pakistan which exist under a blanket of denial, modesty, pretense and cultural oppression. She is the first photographer allowed inside to document trafficking victims, madams, prostitutes, and their children living stigmatized under cultural oppression. Her websites are and "

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