What is Theriogenology?

Theriogenology is the study of animal reproduction. “Therio” means beast or animal, “Gen/genesis” means birth and reproduction, and “Ology” means the study of. The Society for Theriogenology (SFT) was founded in 1954 to promote the practice of qualified veterinarians examining animals for breeding soundness, to facilitate these procedures by standardizing the criteria used by veterinarians, to assemble and evaluate the various measurements of breeding soundness, and to distribute this information to its members. There are 2,900 members of SFT. The American Veterinary Medical Association recognized the American College of Theriogenologists (ACT) as a veterinary specialty board in 1971. The ACT was established as a certifying agency to recognize veterinarians as specialists in theriogenology, and it now has more than 300 certified Diplomates.

The ACT’s web site can be viewed at: www.theriogenology.org.

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