Banked Equine Sera Available

The USDA’s National Animal Health Monitoring System (NAHMS) collected serum samples from more than 8,000 horses on 953 premises in 28 states during the Equine ’98 study. This serum bank is available for research projects. Researchers are encouraged to submit the following information on proposed projects: goals, objectives, and justification; materials, methods, and analysis to be used;  and reporting plans.

Related health and management data from the NAHMS Equine ’98 study also are available. Researchers are encouraged to request and incorporate these data into their projects; however individual operator confidentiality must be strictly maintained.

Proposals will be reviewed jointly by the USDA and representatives of the equine industry for scientific validity, known information needs, and the best use of the non-renewable serum bank prior to release of sera and data. Serum withdrawals are subject to a cost-recovery fee that varies with number of samples, selection criteria, etc.

A proposal form and detailed information on cost can be obtained from: Dr. Alison King, USDA:APHIS:VS, Centers for Epidemiology and Animal Health, 555 South Howes Street. Fort Collins, Colo. 80521; 970/490-8176; fax 970/490-7899;

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