EVA Brochure Available

The potentially life-threatening disease equine viral arteritis (EVA) and its effect on young foals and pregnant mares are the subject of a new client-education brochure developed by the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP).

EVA is of special concern to horse breeders because the disease can cause abortion in pregnant mares, death in young foals, and render breeding stallions permanent carriers of the virus. "Understanding Equine Viral Arteritis" discusses the clinical signs of EVA, management practices to prevent and control the disease, and the importance of an appropriate vaccination program.

"Understanding Equine Viral Arteritis" joins 20 other client-education brochures available to help horse owners learn more about good equine health-care practices. The brochure can be obtained through any participating AAEP-member veterinarian. To contact an AAEP-member veterinarian in your area, call Bayer’s Equine Connection, the National AAEP Locator Service, at 1-800-GET-A-DVM (1-800-438-2386). Or visit the Bayer Web site at http://www.yourhorseshealth.com.

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