Jockey Club Projects 2002 Foal Crop of 35,600

The Jockey Club is cautiously projecting a 2002 North American registered Thoroughbred foal crop of 35,600, due to uncertainties concerning the Mare Reproductive Loss Syndrome (MRLS) which affected central Kentucky this spring.

"At this point, no one knows the exact extent to which MRLS will impact next year's foal crop," said Jockey Club vice president, registration services, Matt Iuliano. "Disparate estimates exist, although the most consistent figure quoted to us is that 20 per cent of the mares bred in Kentucky this spring lost their pregnancies due to MRLS.

"In an effort to obtain the most accurate number on which the industry can assess and prepare for the impact of MRLS, we will be mailing 2002 Live Foal/No Foal Reports in September to owners of mares bred in Kentucky this Spring," he added. "We're encouraging the owners of mares which lost their pregnancy to MRLS to complete and submit their No Foal Report as soon as possible."

Owners of mares bred outside of Kentucky this spring will receive their 2002Live Foal/No Foal Reports in January.

The 2002 foal crop estimate represents a 4.6 percent decline against the current 2001 forecast of 37,300. The estimated 2000 registered Thoroughbred foal crop is 36,700, while the 1999 registered Thoroughbred foal crop is projected at 36,500.

The foal crop projection is traditionally announced at the time of The Jockey Club Round Table Conference and is computed from Reports of Mares bred received so far for the 2001 breeding season.

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