Flu Avert in Canada

Heska Corporation announced Sept. 24 that it has received approval from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to sell Flu Avert I.N., an intranasal influenza vaccine, in Canada. Heska has granted Novartis Animal Health Canada, Inc., exclusive distribution rights to market and sell the vaccine.

Heska anticipates a positive reception for the product in Canada, given the vaccine's success in the U.S. protecting horses from influenza.

Flu Avert utilizes a modified live equine influenza virus that can grow only at the cooler temperatures found in the horse's nasal passages and upper airways, where it induces an immune response. Because the vaccine virus cannot grow at the higher temperatures found in the lungs and lower airways, it does not cause respiratory disease. Flu Avert is administered using a nasal applicator rather than a needle.

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