Nutrition Books To Aid Veterinarians In Advising Clients

The Veterinarian's Practical Reference to Equine Nutrition, produced for the American Association of Equine Practitioners by Purina Mills, Inc., is a complete text providing information on how to feed horses in a number of lifestyle situations, from the athletic horse to one recovering from surgery. Its companion book, Basic Equine Nutrition and its Physiological Function, also provides veterinarians with vital information regarding basic nutritional needs of horses.

Written by leading equine nutritionists and veterinarians and edited by Kent Thompson, PhD, Purina Mills' manager of Equine Nutrition and Research, veterinarians will find both books to be of value, but in particular, a practical reference guide. While providing complete information regarding the background and needs of each given situation, such as horses involved in endurance riding, the broodmare, or the racehorse, each chapter provides quick reference points to allow veterinarians to identify pertinent information quickly.

The books are available to AAEP members at a cost of $38.45 and $58.45 to non-members including shipping. To order a copy contact the AAEP at 4075 Iron Works Pike, Lexington, Ky. 40511; 606/233-0147; FAX 606/233-1968.

About the Author

Tim Brockhoff

Tim Brockhoff was Staff Writer of The Horse:Your Guide to Equine Health Care from 1995 to 1999. His degree is in Agricultural Communications from the University of Kentucky, and his equine experience is with American Saddlebreds.

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