BLM Director Announces Selection Of National Wild Horse And Burro Advisory Board

Bureau of Land Management Director Pat Shea recently announced the selection of nine people to serve on the newly re-established Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board, which will advise the Departments of the Interior and Agriculture on wild horse and burro management issues.

"These nine people are highly qualified and represent a variety of interests and disciplines from across the country," Shea said. "I look forward to working with them on this important program."

The board members, who will serve 2-year terms, are:

Ms. Robin Lohnes
American Horse Protection Association
Washington, D.C.

Ms. Dawn Y. Lappin
Wild Horse Organized Assistance

Reno, NV

Dr. Nat T. Messer, IV
College of Veterinary Medicine

University of Missouri

Columbia, MO

Mr. John L. Artz
Cool, CA

Mr. John E. Hanson
Susanville, CA

Dr. Allen Rutberg
The Humane Society of the United States

Washington, D.C.

Mr. Fred Burke
Wickenburg, AZ

Dr. Peggy A. Stock Ms. Naomi Tyler
Westminster College Boise, ID
Salt Lake City, UT

The board will held its first meeting on Feb. 9, in Reno, Nev. On Feb. 10, the board participated in a field trip to the Kama Mountains Herd Management Area, northeast of Reno, to observe a wild horse gather.

Under the 1971 Wild and Free Roaming Horse and Burro Act, the BLM manages 42,000 wild horses and burros that roam public lands in the West. The law mandates the protection, management, and control of wild horses and burros in a manner that ensures a healthy, viable population of free-roaming herds within the limits of available public land resources.

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