Gene Check Announces SCID Testing

According to information from Gene Check, Inc., an announcement on February 23, 1998, stated that the company has completed development and testing of a test for Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID) in horses. SCID is a genetic disease of Arabian horses which has been shown to be linked to a single gene mutation. The disease is fatal when the mutation is homozygous, but without phenotypic effect in the carrier (heterozygous) state.

Gene Check's test is designed to detect SCID carriers or SCID affected newborns. The test is a DNA test and currently requires a blood sample. Gene Check performs two independent tests on each sample to assure accuracy of the results. Results are reported confidentially and are not disclosed without the written permission of the person ordering the tests. DNA samples can be archived for future reference. Results are returned in seven to fourteen days after receipt of the blood and rush results (second business day after receipt of the sample) are available.

The cost of the test is $60 for five or more horses, $75 for two to four horses and $80 for a single horse. To qualify for the volume prices, it is only necessary that the samples be received in a single shipment, the horses may be from different herds.

Gene Check is a biotechnology company, founded in 1993, with a major focus on veterinary genotyping. Using its proprietary technology, Gene Check developed a test for scrapie susceptibility in sheep and tested over 5,000 sheep in 1997, including a large number from Great Britain. Gene Check also provides mutation detection reagents and kits for use in research.

For additional information contact Gene Check at 800/822-6740 or at

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