New International Colored Sporthorse Registry

International Sport Horses of Color, “SHOC,” is a new equine color by design registry, registering sport horses of all breeds and colors, including, spotted and solid colors such as Pinto, Palomino, Cremello, Buckskin, Bay, Black, and Appaloosa. Organized after years of research and preparation to promote and award the breeding and showing of all colored sport horses, SHOC includes the more uniquely marked colored sport horses which until recently have been considered a “fad.” The ever-growing popularity of the athletic sport horse and the increased acceptance and demand for non-traditional spotted coat patterns is the reason for the superior quality of uniquely colored sport horses available today. SHOC provides a resource to locate and promote colored sport horses in one registry, regardless of breed.

SHOC is a registry and color information network for cross-bred colored sport horses that are not otherwise allowed registration and/or recognized by the purebred registries. SHOC defines a sport horse as one which competes in the following disciplines: dressage, jumping, hunters, combined training, endurance, and combined driving. SHOC offers year-end awards to its members as well as worldwide recognition in each of the recognized disciplines, in cooperation with the USDF, USCTA, USET, and AHSA as well as Canadian and European equivalents.

SHOC promotes and encourages breeding for color in addition to athletic ability and desirable bloodlines and traits. It is the only registry that allows all breeds and colors of sport horses and also records and maintains the color pedigrees of each registered horse.

SHOC provides a global nexus between all breeds of sport horses worldwide, connecting breeders and buyers so that they may more efficiently and successfully predict color and breeding choices, from a vast array of stallions of all colors and breeds—all at one registry. SHOC plans to conduct its first approval insepctions next year under very fair and unbiased sport breeding judges. SHOC accepts and registers sport horses registered in “approved sport horse registries” (such as the ISR, ATA, and PHR) in its Main, Stud and/or Mare books, with Premium and Elite status awarded, based on performance and progeny records.

SHOC is also contemplating a sport pony division due to the expressed demand for such a registry.

SHOC's website can be viewed at  Interested persons may obtain more information, including membership and registration applications by either emailing or writing to SHOC, PO Box 294, Newcastle, Calif. 95658; phone 916/645-6909.

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