International Disease Report: Fourth Quarter 1997

The International Collating Center, Newmarket, and other sources provided the following information:

The period was relatively quiet with no major epizootics. Cases of influenza were reported from France, Sweden, United Kingdom, and the United States, where horses of many different breeds throughout the state of Calif. showed respiratory signs. EHV-1 abortion cases were reported from Australia and New Zealand, and strangles from Australia, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

A few cases of African horse sickness were reported from South Africa and an increasing incidence of equine piroplasmosis was reported from Switzerland. Cases of respiratory disease attributable to EHV-4 were common among weanlings in Kentucky.

The USDA reported that the last case of vesicular stomatitis was confirmed in the western states during mid-November. Consequently, as of the beginning of February, Kentucky no longer required horses entering Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona to be tested for vesicular stomatitis.


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