Hubbard Feeds Inc. Announces Alliance

Hubbard Feeds Inc., announces its alliance with Kentucky Equine Research Incorporated (K.E.R.) and is becoming a K.E.R. team member. This alliance offers unsurpassed professional support that enhances the equine product line performance by utilizing the latest in equine nutrition.

The primary function of K.E.R., a leader in equine nutrition technology, is to perform research on horse nutrient requirements and feed ingredients to better understand horse metabolism for performance and growth enhancement. This technology is incorporated into a team member's equine feed program to help them supply better nutritional programs and market tools to their customers.

  • In addition to their excellent nutritional products, K.E.R. has developed a line of supplemental health and performance products that have been proven beneficial to horses of all breeds.
  • K.E.R. has also developed MicroSteed, a software program designed to analyze horse diets. This software allows Hubbard Feeds Inc. and its dealers to provide a feeding program to the end user that is tailored to their specific needs.
  • K.E.R. designs and distributes a multitude of marketing information, including EquiNews, a quarterly news magazine.

Through the association with K.E.R., Hubbard Feeds Inc. has excellent research support and technical expertise in the areas of horse nutrition. All Tradition® and Pro-Gold® brand equine feeds are now formulated using the progressive equine research.

For more information on Tradition or Pro-Gold brand equine feeds, contact Hubbard Feeds Inc. at 800/837-8222, or visit their Web site at Additional information about Kentucky Equine Research can be obtained by calling them toll free at 800/772-1988, or by visiting their Web site at

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