VS Update 9/08/98

Arizona reported no changes in its status during the week ending September 4, 1998. Two VSV positive premises remain under quarantine.

Colorado reported eighteen new VSV investigations during this period, nine of which were VSV positive premises. Three new positive premises are located in Larimer County, two in Jefferson County, and one each in Adams, Boulder, Douglas, and Weld Counties. Two formerly positive premises, which are located in Boulder County were released from quarantine. This brings Colorado's total of VSV positive premises under quarantine to forty.

New Mexico reported no new investigations, and two formerly VSV infected premises released from quarantine. These are located one each in Sandoval and Rio Arriba Counties. There are five positive premises in New Mexico remaining under quarantine.

Texas reported no new investigations during the week ending September 4, 1998. One is negative, and the other is pending.

This update reflects only the investigations in case positive states after the index case was reported.

All positive cases in the four affected states have been of the equine species, except one, a bovine case reported in Adams County, Colorado.

To view a map online of the positive premises go to www.aphis.usda.gov/vs/ep/showmap.html.

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