VS Update 10/05/98

As of October 5, 1998, Arizona has been removed from Kentucky's list of embargoed states. Arizona was removed based on information received from the Arizona State Veterinarian's Office and the USDA indicating that Arizona is no longer experiencing active cases of Vesicular Stomatitis and that there are no active investigations. In addition, the lesions on the last affected animal have been completely healed for thirty days.

Livestock, wild, and exotic animals are now being permitted entry into Kentucky from Arizona. All equidae coming to Kentucky from Arizona must have proof of a negative test for Vesicular Stomatitis during the 30-day period prior to entering Kentucky in addition to the required EIA test and Certificate of Veterinary Inspection and other necessary test to meet Kentucky's entry requirements.

Note the following for livestock, wild, or exotic animals entering Kentucky from both Arizona and Texas; the Certificate of Veterinary Inspection must be issued within 96 hours (4 days) of the animal's arrival in Kentucky. In addition, a statement is required that the animal has not been exposed to any infected animal, any premise with infected animals or from a VSV embargoed state.

Colorado and New Mexico are the only states currently prohibited from sending livestock, wild, or exotic animals into Kentucky. All equidae entering Kentucky from states which have a common border with Colorado or New Mexico are required to have been tested negative for Vesicular Stomatitis during the 30 day period prior to the animal's entry into Kentucky.

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