DNA Kit Now Available For $30

AQHA's Executive Committee, at its January meeting, reduced the cost for a DNA kit from $40 to $30 per horse. The new price became effective Feb. 1, 1999.

To date, AQHA offers its Members the lowest fees in the equine industry for DNA testing. In conjunction with the University of California at Davis, AQHA is making an effort to understand certain genetic disorders and prevent their being passed on to future generations with parentage verification through DNA testing.

"At AQHA, we want to provide our Members with the best, most courteous service possible, while enhancing each of the Member programs and services we offer," said Bill Brewer, AQHA Executive Vice President. "Included in our pledge, we are determined to provide the lowest fees whether it is a transfer, registration or DNA kit, available in the equine industry."

For more information or to get a DNA kit contact AQHA at 806/376-4811.

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