NAERIC Foals Arrive at Ryerss for Sixth Annual Foal Adoption

The arrival of the North American Equine Ranching Information Council (NAERIC) foals at Ryerss Farm for Aged Equines for this year's Sixth Annual Foal Adoption Program has been nothing less than energizing for the staff at Ryerss and the nearly 100 aged horses it cares for every day. The entire farm is infused with a whole new level of excitement.


Two PMU foals await adoption at Ryerss.

Over the past five years Ryerss has placed more than 150 foals into adoptive homes and they look forward to doing the same with the new arrivals. This year's crop of foals includes a variety of breeds, including Quarter Horses, Paints, and Percheron and Thoroughbred crosses. While some of the foals are already adopted and are waiting to go on to their new homes, others are available for just $750 plus a $10 application fee.

"This year's group of foals is the friendliest bunch we've had yet," said Joe Donahue, Ryerss President. "The small number of foals encourages and enables the usually shy foals to step right up and come visit with the staff and visitors of Ryerss."

These youngsters are special because of the unique circumstances surrounding their births. The quality foals were bred on a pregnant mares' urine (PMU) ranch. The urine of pregnant mares is used to make an often prescribed medication, indicated for the relief of symptoms of menopause and postmenopausal osteoporosis.

Once again Ryerss Farm is working in cooperation with the NAERIC (which can be found on the Internet at This nonprofit association represents horse breeders and ranchers in North America, engaged in the collection of PMU. This year's foals will be registered in the NAERIC Incentive Program, which can double their winnings at NAERIC–approved events.

This special program highlights NAERIC's confidence in the talents and potential of the horses bred on their member ranches.

"It is a treat to watch the interaction between the retirees at Ryerss and the foals," said Donahue. "We always enjoy having the foals at Ryerss and so do the older horses. It is a joyous and exciting time for us when they arrive."

Ryerss Farm for Aged Equines is the oldest and largest equine welfare facility of its kind in the country. Established in 1888, this nonprofit organization is dedicated to providing a place of peaceful retirement for aged and abused horses. Located in the rolling hills of central Chester County, Pa., Ryerss receives no public funds and therefore relies on a small trust and the generosity of animal enthusiasts throughout the country. The group's website ( offers complete details about the farm's mission, history, and how to volunteer or donate to Ryerss.


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