Summer Drought Affects Retirement Home For Horses

Ryerss Farm, a home for retired horses, is feeling the affects of this summer's drought that is affecting much of the United States. According to farm manager Tim Blevins, 70% of their feed and cash crops are ruined. “If you look here, all we have is a desert. There's no grass at all. It's devastating. It's really worse than I've ever seen.”

According to Blevins, the lack of water has resulted in a lack of hay for the horses on the farm. And the hay that has been harvested is not quality enough to be useful for ingestion by horses. “There's no nutritional value in this hay at all. The most we could use it for is bedding for the horses or something like that,” Blevins added.

The resulting lack of corn, grass, hay, and oats has forced the farm to stop taking in any more retired horses at this time.

There are a number of programs contributors can take part in including sponsoring a horse and underwriting a stall that would greatly benefit Ryerss Farm. If you can help the farm please contact them at Ryerss Farm for the Aged Equines, 1710 Ridge Road, Pottstown, Penn. 19465; 610/469-0533.

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