Older Horses Are Now Eligible For PreventiCare

Horses enrolled before age 20, and up to age 24, are eligible to participate in PreventiCare--the unique, veterinarian-administrated equine wellness program offered by Pfizer Animal Health.

Horses between the ages of five months (and fully weaned from their mothers) and 20 years are eligible to enroll in the program. Those that are officially enrolled before age 20 may now re-enroll each year until age 24.

The extension of this program demonstrates Pfizer Animal Health's commitment to equine wellness. If a horse on PreventiCare should need colic surgery, Pfizer Animal Health will reimburse the operating surgeon for the surgical costs and three days of aftercare-up to $5,000, as part of PreventiCare's Colic Assistance Plan.

Since the launch of PreventiCare in March of 1997, over 230 horses have been able to receive life-saving colic surgeries thanks to PreventiCare's Colic Assistance Plan. "We began the PreventiCare program because we have confidence in the value of a veterinarian-assisted equine wellness program," said Dan Kramer, Pfizer's Equine Product Manager.

More than 37,000 horses are now a part of the PreventiCare program. To be enrolled, owners agree to provide their horses with annual physical and dental exams, appropriate immunizations, nutritional counseling and use of Pfizer's daily anthelmintic, StrongidÆ C or StrongidÆ C 2X--purchased from the administrating veterinarian.

Pfizer Animal Health is a world leader in animal health, committed to providing high-quality, innovative health products, including pharmaceuticals and biologicals, for livestock and companion animals.

Pfizer Animal Health is a business unit of Pfizer Inc, a research-based pharmaceutical company with global operations. For 1998, Pfizer reported revenues of over $13.5 billion and expects to invest about $2.8 billion on research and development in 1999.

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