Pennsylvania Residents Gather To Support Ryerss

Over 100 people gathered on Sunday, January 9, in support of Ryerss Farm for Aged Equines. The supporters, including the township supervisors of three separate townships, hope the weekend rally will encourage the Chester County Agricultural Land Preservation Board to include Ryerss in their agricultural land easement program, which preserves rapidly disappearing agricultural land by allotting money to counties each year to buy development rights. Ryerss Farm for Aged Equines is a non-profit organization, which for over 100 years has provided a place of peaceful retirement for aged and abused equines. At present, the farm is located on 371 acres of lush farmland in southeastern Pennsylvania, about 30 miles northwest of Philadelphia.

"We have been operating for the past six or seven years or longer at a deficit," Joseph Donahue, President of Ryerss Farm told those attending the rally. "Because of the severe drought we experienced in the summer of 1999, we were unable to grow enough hay for the horses and have had to purchase it elsewhere. We were also unable to generate much income from the sale of our corn and wheat, which were also damaged by the drought," he added.

For the last six years, Ryerss has tried to ease its financial difficulties by applying for acceptance into the easement program. If the farm is included this year, the program will purchase the future development rights to the property-a sale that could mean over $1 million in revenue for Ryerss.

Ryerss would still retain ownership of the property, but would agree not to develop it.

"I hope this rally will get not only the Land Preservation Board to think more about Ryerss, but also the rest of the agricultural community," Donahue said. "For over 100 years Ryerss has been caring for aged horses. We have nearly 100 here now. We really need everyone's help in order to continue our mission."

Here are a few ways interested groups or individuals can contribute to Ryerss.

  • Sponsor a horse-just $30 a month is all it costs to sponsor a special horse at Ryerss-a great option for kids or groups!
  • Make Ryerss the beneficiary of a horse show or other equine event-contact Ryerss at 610-469-0533 to discuss the possibilities.
  • Underwrite a stall-a contribution of $3,000 buys one of our retirees a warm winter home with your name permanently fixed on a brass plaque on the door.
  • Send a contribution-for whatever amount, your tax-deductible gifts are always needed. Make checks payable to Ryerss Farm for Aged Equines, 1710 Ridge Road, Pottstown, PA, 19465.
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