Research Centre Announces Breeders' Workshop

The Equine Research Centre (ERC) at Guelph, in partnership with Glengate Farms of Campbellville, Minitube of Canada and the Semex Alliance, continues to respond to the needs of horse breeders with a two-day workshop, on March 4 & 5, 2000. The weekend will cover issues, procedures and practices related to collecting, transporting, and freezing semen, and inseminating mares.

"This is a very popular workshop," said ERCs president Andrew Clarke. "Deb Ottier, a Masters student who does reproduction research at the ERC, has designed an excellent two-day program covering many new technologies for breeders. She has enlisted the help of several experts in the field and incorporated hands-on lab work that leaves all our attendees very enthused and satisfied."

"Overall this workshop is a valuable tool to educate or re-educate oneself on procedures, up-dates and general knowledge (for breeding)" happy customer.

Saturday, March 4 will focus on the stallion: procedures for collecting, handling and transporting semen; and processing, freezing and thawing of stallion semen, including hands-on lab work. Featuring speakers Dr. Steve Lorton, Doug Nash of Glengate Farm and ERC reproduction researcher Deb Ottier.

Sunday, March 5 will focus on artificial insemination and the mare: all aspects of mare anatomy and physiology; and when and how to breed with fresh, cooled and frozen semen. The afternoon session will include a live demonstration of artificial insemination. Dr. Pat Meyers, reproduction specialist, will also address specific concerns of maiden and barren mares, and problem breeders. Mare owners are encouraged to attend both days of the workshop to ensure a complete understanding of all aspects of the artificial insemination breeding process.

The workshops will be held at the Equine Research Centre, 50 McGilvray St., Guelph, Ontario, at a cost of $185, plus GST, for each daylong workshop.

To reserve your space, contact Debra Ottier at the ERC. Tel: (519) 837-0061 or Fax (519) 767-1081 or Email:

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