AQHA Unveils "Equestrian Public Service Award"

The American Quarter Horse Association's (AQHA) Executive Committee gave the official green light last week to launch a new award to recognize American Quarter Horses, which are specifically used in the public service sector. The Association has launched the new program based on the special role American Quarter Horses fill for the public's safety.

The goal of the award will be to recognize an outstanding American Quarter Horse that works in the public service sector (i.e. police horse, parks mounted rangers, beach patrol, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, border patrol, sheriff's posse, etc.).

"We see them on television controlling unruly crowds, on the beach ensuring the safety of sunbathers, and I'm sure everyone is familiar with the unprecedented popularity of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police," said AQHA Executive Vice President Bill Brewer.  "Regardless of the task these horses perform, American Quarter Horses are frequently the breed of choice and
they play a key role in the public service sector throughout the world. I'm extremely proud that we will be honoring some of these horses that have become so crucial in the job they fulfill."

For the AQHA Equestrian Public Service Award, the horse must be a living, registered American Quarter Horse and meet one or more of the following qualifications:

  1. Received special training for their job
  2. Work in a professional capacity
  3. Have documented meritorious service (Saved the life of a person(s), bravery in crowd control, etc.)
  4. Been spotlighted by a media outlet
  5. Recognized by city/state/provincial/country organization (i.e. Police Department Mayor's office, Presidential declaration, etc.)
  6. Won a national title at a mounted patrol competition
  7. Gone above and beyond to create a safer environment for the public
  8. Currently be utilized by the nominating organization (not retired from
  9. Commendable service can be a lifetime accomplishment or through a
    date-specific event
  10. If the American Quarter Horse died while performing a meritorious act,
    it may be nominated and an award given posthumously. However, generally
    speaking this award is designed to recognize a living horse

The AQHA Equestrian Public Service Award will be given annually, beginning in 2002, to an American Quarter Horse. A call for entries will go out during the holiday season and a winner named in early 2002.

The winning horse will receive a specially-designed plaque that will be suitable for mounting on tack or other equipment.  Additionally, the organization that owns the American Quarter Horse will receive a specially-framed certificate from AQHA as well as coverage in AQHA's Member's only magazine America's Horse, and on its weekly television program "America's Horse."

For information about AQHA's Equestrian Public Service Award, call AQHA's Marketing Service Department at 806/376-4888, ext. 359.

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