Task Force Meets To Discuss Governance Of U.S. Equestrian Sport

Members of the American Horse Shows Association (AHSA)/United States Equestrian Team (USET) Strategic Planning Initiative Task Force met at the Newark International Airport in Newark, New Jersey on Nov. 6 to discuss the future governance of equestrian sport in the United States. The task force was charged with developing a proposal that will

1—comply with the Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act and the United States Olympic Committee's (USOC) Constitution and By-Laws

2—maximize the ability of the U.S. to achieve sustained competitive excellence in international equestrian sport and

3—be in the best interest of the sport.

The 20-member task force reviewed the historical aspects of the governance of equestrian sport in the U.S. and discussed the various options for restructuring the administration of the national and international aspects of the sport. Also attending the meeting were Steve Sobel, Esq., Chairman of the USOC Membership and Credentials Committee and Doug Ingram, USOC Director of Sports Partnerships.

Representatives of the task force will meet again on Dec. 4 –5 to attempt to develop proposals that will satisfy the above criteria and that will be acceptable to the AHSA, USET, and USOC.

For more information on AHSA, visit www.ahsa.org.

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