FMD: Recommended List Of Disinfectants

From the United States Department of Agriculture (

Product Dilution Mixing Instructions Notes
5.25% Sodium Hypochlorite
(Household bleach)
3% Add 3 gallons of chlorine bleach to 2 gallons of water, mix thoroughly  
Acetic Acid* 4-5% Add 6.5 ounces of glacial acetic acid to 1 gallon of water, mix thoroughly Vinegar is a 4% solution of acetic acid.
Potassium Peroxymonosulfate
and Sodium Chloride
(i.e. Virkon-S)
1% Follow label directions Virkon-S:
Farnum Livestock Products
Attn: Bob Walber (817)-561-7516
Sodium Carbonate
(soda ash)*
4% Add 5.33 ounces of sodium carbonate to 1 gallon of hot water (or 1 pound to 3 gallons of water), mix thoroughly The solution is mildly caustic, but can dull paint and varnished surfaces.
Sodium Hydroxide
2% Add 1/3 cup of NaOH pellets (2.7 ounces of the lye) to 1 gallon of cold water, mix thoroughly. This solution is highly caustic. Use protective rubber clothing, gloves and safety glasses.
WARNING: Always add the lye to the water. Never pour the water over the lye.

* Section 18 application submitted and EPA approval is pending.

Note: The FMD virus is pH sensitive; the virion is inactivated when exposed to pH below 6.5 or above 11.

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