Get The Latest Information On The EPM Vaccine

Fort Dodge Animal Health has launched their web site,, to provide the latest information on the new Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis (EPM) vaccine. Visit, and choose Technical or Consumer Information. The EPM vaccine web site was developed as a guide to give veterinarians and horse owners a quick overview of EPM and its ramifications.

Included in the Technical section is information on the disease and the vaccine development. The vaccine was given approval for conditional licensure in December of 2000. (For more information, visit Information is provided on serological response and safety determinations, regulatory issues, the effect of EPM vaccine use on diagnostics, and the use of EPM vaccine in practice. Reference articles and suggested readings are also provided.

The consumer section offers a Q&A format, providing answers to common questions to help the user understand the facts about the disease and the vaccine.

For the latest information about the EPM vaccine, visit

For all articles on EPM on, visit

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