Phillip Dutton Teams Up With Cosequin

Olympic Gold Medalist Phillip Dutton and Cosequin have teamed up to create a mutually beneficial partnership program. Dutton, who won the Team Gold Medal for Three-Day Eventing at the 2000 Sydney Olympics as well as the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, has been a consistent winner at major three-day events around the globe. Recently, Dutton decided to approach Cosequin about a partnership program to promote the product based on several years of experience using Cosequin for his competition horses of all ages.

"I felt I could speak honestly about the benefits of Cosequin as I have first hand knowledge of the enhancement to my horses' performance over the past several years. I confess, in the interest of saving money, I tried numerous other products that made claims about joint protection, but my horses simply did not perform the same as when they were on Cosequin. I strive to be financially conservative, but when one product noticeably outperforms the others, it would be foolish not to use the product that works best. I approached Cosequin as I can attest that the product works. It seemed like an ideal partnership to me and thankfully, Cosequin agreed," explained Dutton.

Ian Parker of Nutramax Laboratories, Inc., manufacturers of Cosequin, confirmed Dutton's explanation of the genesis of the new arrangement. "Phillip came to us and told us of his success using Cosequin. We were delighted that Phillip, who is a respected and world-renowned three-day competitor, would work with us to promote Cosequin and to explain the benefits to three-day enthusiasts and the greater equestrian community. Phillip speaks from experience and from the vantage point of a professional athlete who is knowledgeable about the science of the product and how it works to benefit horses."

Dutton, who is originally from Australia, now resides in Avondale, PA, but still competes for Australia. He has been 'capped' by the Australian three-day team in every international competition since the World Equestrian Games in 1994. Riding such horses as True Blue Girdwood, Sky's Prospect, Drizzle, Simply Red, and House Doctor, Dutton has captured titles and top placings in the world's most prestigious three-day events including Rolex, Fair Hill and Badminton. Dutton was named USCTA Rider of the Year in 1998, the first time the title was awarded to a non-American rider. He was again awarded the title in 2000.

Nutramax Laboratories and Dutton are still developing some of the details for the partnership plan that will be implemented over the coming year. Dutton will provide visibility for Cosequin and will speak to its benefits as opportunity arises. Nutramax Labs/Cosequin will also work with Dutton to assist in achieving some of Dutton's personal goals including encouraging young riders and promoting the sport of three-day eventing to new audiences.

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