Ryerss Names New Co-Manager Of Animal Welfare

There is a new face at Ryerss Farm for Aged Equines, but it's not of the equine variety.

Ann Quigley was recently welcomed into the Ryerss Farm family as the new co-manager of animal welfare. Quigley oversees the general health of the nearly 100 horses that are currently residing at Ryerss. Her duties include feeding, administering medication, clipping and keeping up-to-date medical records.

"I look after their general care in every way. That encompasses a variety of jobs, from hosing legs to working with the veterinarian," she said. "I enjoy helping our horses with all of their needs."

After spending the majority of her life working with young horses at racetracks across the nation, Quigley decided to return to Pennsylvania, where her horse experience first began.

"I started working with young horses in Unionville and then went to the tracks in California to exercise in Santa Anita, Del Mar, and Hollywood Park," she said. "Taking care of horses is really what I enjoy doing. It's in my blood."

Because Quigley's experience is rooted in her work with young racehorses, she had to adjust to meet the needs of Ryerss' equines, whose ages range from 18-40.

"It's a different set of problems that you have to look for every day," she said. "For example, it's hard to keep weight on older horses because they have a harder time grazing due to their teeth wearing down, whereas with younger horses, that is not a problem. Founder in older horses is also a problem because they have access to lots of the rich summer grass."

For over 100 years Ryerss Farm for Aged Equines has provided a place of peaceful retirement for aged and abused horses. Located on 383 acres in the heart of Pennsylvania horse country, Ryerss is a non-profit facility that receives no public funding.

Quigley encourages visitors to come see the horses at Ryerss Farm. The equine retirees always enjoy companions who can spend time with them, groom them, and feed them treats, she said.

For more information on Ryerss Farm, visit their web site at www.ryerss.com. To schedule a farm visit or for additional information, call 610/469-0533.

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