Advertising Specifications

Download specifications (PDF)

All ads must conform to the following specifications:

Ad Units and File Size Limits

Website Ad Units

Leaderboard 728x90 40K
Medium Rectangle 300x250 40K
3:1 Banner 300x100 30K
Wide Skyscraper 160x600 40K
Sponsored Link Text Up to 40 characters (including spaces)

Email Newsletter Ad Units

File Formats may be GIF or JPEG images or HTML. Images should be static, with no animation. HTML format media must fit within defined pixel dimensions. View Sample Newsletters

Medium Rectangle 300x250 40K
Horizontal Banner 300x100 40K

Rich Media

Floating Banner 550x480 50K
728 x 90 closed. Expands down to 728 x 315 maximum. Initial Size: 40k
Max Size: 100K
160 x 600 closed. Expands left to 600 x 600 maximum. Initial Size: 40k
Max Size: 100K
Interstitial 1000x700 maximum Initial Size: 40k
Max Size: 100K

Video Pre-Roll

Maximum Duration 15 Seconds
Aspect Ratio 16:9 (standard screen)
Video file technical specifications
  • Maximum file size: 1.5 MB
  • Resolution (pixels): 640x360 preferred; 400x300 minimum; dimensions may be adapted for wide screen videos
  • Bit rates: Greater than 2Mbps
  • Color depth: 32-bit
  • Key frames: every 1 second
  • At least 15 frames per second
  • Recommended codecs for video asset submission: MPEG2, WMV, H.264/AAC

File Specifications

  • Accepted File Formats: GIF - JPEG - FLASH - HTML
  • Resolution: 72 dpi

Frequency cap limitations are imposed on all ads that, without user initiation, overlay or interrupt editorial content. Maximum of 5 banners or unique url’s per placement. Click-through interaction for all ad formats, will open the destination url in a new browser window.

All creative to be served via a third party, must be provided for testing and approval prior to appearing on a Blood-horse Publications website.

Animation: Animated ads may be continuous with a minimum 1 second delay between frames and 3 loops maximum, up to 7 seconds per loop. No strobing, flashing or shaking effects are allowed. Mouseover interaction in all ad formats can only provoke interaction within the current open browser window and can not link to a new website. Ad placements adjacent to video content must be static and can only play audio or video upon user initiation. Due to delivery platform, animated and flash ads are not accepted for email newsletters. Ads served in email newsletters must be static.

Sound: Sound used in any ad creative must be user initiated. Ads with sound that is not user initialed (automatic) will not be accepted. All creative must include a prominently visible on/off button for sound.

Flash Media: Static back-up image recommended for all flash media creative in GIF or JPEG format. 20K maximum file size. The standardized Adobe click-through tracking method for rich media creative designed with flash is required in order to track click activity on all flash ads. Please be certain to include the necessary ActionScript code in your flash media files. Click Here for full instructions

Rich Media: Blood-horse Publications makes it easy to use rich media, opening up the vast array of creative possibilities on the web. Ads are accepted from third-party vendors including Doubleclick, eyeblaster, DArT motif and Pointroll. other third-party vendors may also be accepted. Please contact your sales rep for more information.

  • All creative must be pre-approved.
  • Maximum display time of 10 seconds without user engagement.
  • Audio may only be user-initiated.
  • Video may only play upon user interaction
  • Must include a prominently visible close button.
  • Click-through interaction will open the destination URL in a new browser window.
  • Flash, JPEG or GIF format.
  • Default image must be supplied for browsers without scripting enabled or the Flash plug-in installed. JPEG or GIF, 20K max.

Floaters, Overlays and Interstitials: Floating ads must include a prominently visible close button and may not run more than 12 seconds. Overlay ads must include a prominently visible close button and run a maximum of 10 seconds. Full page interstitial ads can appear for 10 seconds. Full page intromercial ads must be served with
branding for the site that it is served on.

Submission Instructions

Submit creative files via email to: include the following in all creative submissions: client name, campaign/ad placement description, start and end date, alt text, and target url.

Please indicate if new submissions are to replace the current creative or are to be added to the campaign rotation. if to be added to rotation, please indicate relative weightings.

Campaign/Ad Updates Lead Time

Please allow two business days for implementation of new campaigns and one business day for creative refreshes. Creative refreshes may be scheduled for Saturdays, Sundays and holidays before noon the previous business day.

Creative Modifications

When necessary, Blood-Horse Publications may make the following modifications to creative:

  • Change the name of the file.
  • Add a re-direct to our servers to the click-thru URL so that our ad server can count clicks.
  • Add a command to open a new browser window when users click.
  • Add a 1x1 pixel image to all HTML banners to allow our ad server to count impressions

For additional information or assistance please contact us.