About The Horse: Your Guide to Equine Health Care

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Our mission at The Horse is to disseminate the latest and most reliable news and information on the health, care, management, and welfare of equids. We provide health information pertaining to horses of all breeds and disciplines, as well as offer cutting-edge knowledge to veterinarians, owners, and managers who care for horses.

Our editors and writers, who have strong backgrounds in equine science and management, craft timely articles on important horse health topics, drawing information from researchers, veterinarians in the field, and other equine professionals.

The Horse is not a journal of record to report research findings. Instead, our publication features practical articles that are edited to interpret complex issues. The publication bridges the gap from the research laboratory to the barn, helping horse owners sort valuable new information from gimmicks and fads.

The Horse editorial team is backed by an authoritative board of respected AAEP veterinary advisors who review articles for accuracy and provide valuable industry insight.

The Horse is concerned with all aspects of equine health, care, management, and welfare, and we write for hands-on horse owners, trainers, riders, breeders, and barn managers who want to know more about taking the best care of their horses.

Editorial Overview

Cover Story

Lead articles in each issue, with topics of importance to most horse owners and practitioners covered in greater depth than any other articles.

Special Features

These articles on various topics are longer than regular department articles and cover a wide range of topics on horse health, care, and management.

Sports Medicine

This column is designed to help owners and competitors address the specific health concerns of their horses as athletes, and maintain them in top competitive physical shape.

Step By Step

A series from experts in the field on hoof care and lameness, whether the unsoundness is in the foot, the back, or somewhere in between.


Articles on various aspects of equine nutritional management for young, old, competing, breeding, and backyard horses.

Farm & Barn

This series focuses on the fiscal, legal, facility, and business concerns of caring for horses and/or managing an equine-related enterprise.