Infographic: SAA: Infection Detection in Horses

Learn about serum amyloid A and how veterinarians can use it for early identification of inflammation in horses.

Infographic: Sweet Itch in Horses

Do you have an itchy horse? Learn more about insect bite hypersensitivity with our visual guide!

Infographic: Rain Rot

Learn about this frustrating contagious equine skin disease and how to prevent its spread.

Infographic: Staying Sane on Stall Rest

Confinement is difficult but often necessary for healing. Learn how to keep horses healthy while on stall rest.

Infographic: Sunburn and Horses

Sun damage is serious in horses. In this infographic, find how to protect you pink-skinned horses from the sun.

Infographic: Handling Hoof Abscesses

Hoof abscesses are a common cause of severe lameness in horses. Find out how to manage one in our step-by-step guide.

Infographic: Signs of Stress in Horses

Learn about the common signs your horse might show when under stress and ways to mitigate the possible causes.

Infographic: Deworming Adult Horses

Are you still doing rotational deworming? Learn a new, better way to manage internal parasites in this visual guide!

Vaccination Checklist

Use this handy checklist and work with your veterinarian to determine which vaccinations are right for your horse.

Infographic: Vaccinating Your Horse

Learn how vaccines can protect horses, why they're important, and which ones your horse needs in our visual guide.

Infographic: Heaves

RAO is a chronic problem similar to asthma in humans. Help your heavy horse breath easy with tips from our visual guide.

Infographic: Healthy Coats

A glossy hair coat is a sure sign of horse health. Discover the steps to creating the ultimate coat in our visual guide.

Infographic: Understanding Endotoxemia

Endotoxemia is a serious condition with a range of causes, including retained placentas, colic, and skin infections.

Infographic: Protecting Your Horse From Disease

Protect your horse from infectious disease exposure by using tips from our step-by-step visual guide.

Infographic: Managing a Horse Disease Outbreak

Is your horse showing clinical signs of an infectious disease? Here's how to care for your horse and protect others.

Infographic: Scratches in Horses

Learn about scratches and how you can prevent and treat this frustrating pastern dermatitis in our visual guide.

Horses and Infectious Disease

Learn about 20 important equine infectious diseases that could make your horse sick.

Infographic: Basic Principles of Conditioning

Learn how to safely take your horse from flabby to fit step-by-step with our visual guide.

Infographic: Does My Horse Have Gastric Ulcers?

Up to 90% of horses have gastric ulcers. Discover their clinical signs, treatments, and management strategies.

Infographic: Botulism

Learn how this potentially fatal neurologic disease affects horses and how to prevent it.

Infographic: Navicular Disease

Learn about navicular disease, a common condition that causes up to 1/3 of all front-limb equine lamenesses.

Infographic: Equine Joint Structure and Function

Learn how equine joints work and common joint-function problems in this step-by-step visual guide.

Infographic: Equine Allergies

Learn more about allergic reactions in horses with this step-by-step visual guide.

Infographic: Feeding Your Horse

Are you confused about equine nutrition? Learn how to feed your horse in our step-by-step visual guide.