Tele-View TV-500 Equine Exercise Endoscope

Advanced Monitors Corporation announces the release of the Tele-View TV-500 Equine Exercise Endoscope.

The Tele-View Equine Exercise Endoscope is an easy-to-use method of analyzing airway restriction problems in the upper respiratory tract during exercise.

This new lightweight, halter-mounted system can be quickly moved from one horse to the next. The self-contained harness includes an endoscope, a video recording device, and a catheter flushing system.

The endoscope cable is placed into the horse’s nasal cavity with the camera tip positioned above the larynx. This placement provides for an excellent view of the epiglottis and larynx, both at rest and during workouts. The exercise video is recorded to an SD card, which can be transferred to the computer.

This new product is now available directly from Advanced Monitors Corporation.

For more information, contact: Advanced Monitors Corporation, 7098 Miratech Dr. Ste. 130, San Diego, CA 92121, 877/838-8367,


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