Kristen Slater, DVM

Kristen Slater, DVM, practices with Kasper & Rigby Veterinary Associates in Magnolia, Texas. Her practice interests include preventive medicine, reproduction, sports rehabilitation, and conditioning.

Articles by Kristen Slater

Foreign Object Consumption

My stallion ate a piece of netting off a roll of hay. Will it pass through his system? Read More

Shipping Horses Long Distances

Consider these factors when transporting horses afar, be it to a show or a new home. Read More

Unusual Spots

Our mare has suddenly developed white spots all over her body with no apparent cause. What would cause this? Read More


My 13-year-old pony stallion was quite well-muscled and stocky with a pronounced crest when he was younger. Af Read More

Mysterious Swelling

My horse has a swollen 24-inch "vein" on the middle of his underbelly and all the way up to his genitals... Read More

Folliculitis in Horses: What to Do?

I own a 28-year-old thin mare that is pastured with approximately 20 other horses. I have been treating for Read More

Sunburn and Photosensitivity in Horses

Like humans, horses are susceptible to sunburn, especially on the non-pigmented pink-skinned areas. Read More

Sunburn and Photosensitivity

The skin is the largest organ of the body. It serves to protect internal structures from a variety of environmental stimuli. In the summer months this is an especially vital organ for fending off a barrage of flies and the relenting summer sun. Read More

Management of Blind Horses Discussed at Equine Ophthalmology Meeting

Blind horses can usually get by with a little help from a friend; or, in this case, a trustworthy companion horse, said Ann Dwyer, DVM, a private practitioner with a strong interest in equine ophthalmology and co-owner of Genesee Valley Equin Read More

Equine Recurrent Uveitis Discussed at Vet Ophthalmology Meeting

Equine recurrent uveitis, also called moon blindness, is the leading cause of vision loss in horses. Brian Gilger, DVM, MS, Dipl. ACVO, chief of the Ophthalmology service at North Carolina State University's College of Veterinary Medicine Read More

Glaucoma Discussed at Equine Ophthalmology Meeting

Glaucoma, a group of diseases resulting from alterations in the formation and drainage of aqueous humor (clear eye fluid), which causes an increase in intraocular pressure above what's compatible with normal function of the retina and Read More

Corneal Ulcers: Prompt Treatment Key to Success

Experts shared advancements in diagnosis and treatment options for equine corneal ulcers during AAEP Focus meeting. Read More

Eyelid Issues Discussed at Equine Ophthalmology Meeting

From lacerations to cancer, issues commonly affecting the equine eyelid were among the topics tackled by Brian Gilger, DVM, MS, Dipl. ACVO, chief of the Ophthalmology Service at North Carolina State University's College of Veterinary Medicine, Read More

Where Not to Pinch Pennies

In tough economic times, many horse owners look for ways to cut costs. Too often this is done by cutting back on veterinary care. However, it is important to keep in mind that what may save us a couple of dollars now might end up costing us much Read More