Horse Health Videos


Drug-Resistant Parasites: Rules and Tools of Engagement

November 25, 2009

This hour-long video presentation features advice on identifying and managing resistant parasites.... Read More


Equinomics: The Economic Climate of the Kentucky Horse Indus

October 08, 2009

This seminar covers trends and challenges in the racing, competition, and recreational horse industries.... Read More


Botulism in the Horse

August 19, 2009

... Read More


Equine Dentistry

August 06, 2009

A hands-on demonstration of equine dental care, including basic teeth floating.... Read More


Control of Sexual Behavior in Mares and Stallions

June 01, 2009

Learn about controlling sexual behavior in equine athletes so it impacts performance less. ... Read More


Foods for Fighting Inflammation

April 09, 2009

... Read More


Foal Pneumonia (Rhodococcus equi)

March 11, 2009

Rhodococcus equi is a soil bacterium that causes severe pneumonia in foals.... Read More

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