Horses and Infectious Disease

Learn about 20 important equine infectious diseases that could make your horse sick.

Infographic: Basic Principles of Conditioning

Learn how to safely take your horse from flabby to fit step-by-step with our visual guide.

Infographic: Does My Horse Have Gastric Ulcers?

Up to 90% of horses have gastric ulcers. Discover their clinical signs, treatments, and management strategies.

Infographic: Botulism

Learn how this potentially fatal neurologic disease affects horses and how to prevent it.

Infographic: Navicular Disease

Learn about navicular disease, a common condition that causes up to 1/3 of all front-limb equine lamenesses.

Infographic: Equine Joint Structure and Function

Learn how equine joints work and common joint-function problems in this step-by-step visual guide.

Infographic: Equine Allergies

Learn more about allergic reactions in horses with this step-by-step visual guide.

Infographic: Feeding Your Horse

Are you confused about equine nutrition? Learn how to feed your horse in our step-by-step visual guide.

Infographic: Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS)

Learn the risks of equine metabolic syndrome and how to manage horses with this all-too-common disorder.

Infographic: Respiratory Health

Learn more about equine respiratory-related health conditions with this easy-to-follow visual guide.

Infographic: Rhodococcus equi

R. equi is a serious disease that can cause pneumonia in foals. Learn how to protect your herd.

Infographic: Equine Joint Health Supplements

Learn about equine joint supplements and what might help your horse in our easy-to-follow visual guide.

Infographic: How Ammonia Impacts Your Horse

Have you walked into a barn and smelled a pungent, burning odor? That's ammonia, and it's hurting your horse.

Failure of Passive Transfer

Find out why foals require passive transfer of infection-fighting antibodies from their mothers' first milk.

What's In a Blood Test?

This step-by-step graphic will guide you through your horse's blood test and results.

2013 EHV-1 Tracker Map

Get up-to-date information on EHV-1 outbreaks and associated quarantines with our interactive map.

Normal Horse Vitals Signs and Health Indicators

Learn about normal horse resting temperature, heart and respiration rates, and indications of good health.