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What's the Difference between PSSM Types 1 and 2?

Dr. Stephanie Valberg explains the differences between these two diseases that cause horses to tie up.


Rolex Kentucky: Complementary Therapies for FEI Event Horses

At the Rolex Ride The Course event, Lynn Symansky discusses complementary therapies used for event horses.


Rolex Kentucky: Lynn Symansky on Post-Cross-Country Care

At the Rolex Ride the Course press event, Lynn Symansky shares how riders care for horses after cross-country.


Tips for Keeping Event Horses Sound

How do you keep a three-day event horse sound? Four-star eventer Buck Davidson shares his tips.


Mystery Lameness, Part 3: Dr. Kent Allen

FEI veterinarian Dr. Kent Allen shares interesting equine lameness cases. Part 3 of 3.


Mystery Lameness, Part 2: Dr. Raul Bras

Vet and farrier Dr. Raul Bras shares interesting lameness cases from his practice. Part 2 of 3.


Mystery Lameness, Part 1: Dr. Mark Revenaugh

See challenging lameness cases from U.S. Eventing team veterinarian Dr. Mark Revenaugh. Part 1 of 3.


How to Choose Front Leg Protection for Your Horse

Get tips on choosing front leg protection for your horse from Nicole Carroll of Leap of Faith Farms.


Does Your Saddle Hurt Your Horse?

Find out what behaviors can tell you that your saddle hurts your horse.


Knowing When to Retire an Arthritic Horse

Dr. Dave Frisbie of Colorado State University shares his thoughts on retiring horses due to arthritis.


Feeding the Sick Horse

Dr. Ginger Rich of Rich Equine Nutritional Consulting shares practices for feeding sick horses.


Intra-Articular Therapy: What Do I Need to Know?

Learn about equine intra-articular joint-injections for arthritis from a leading researcher and practitioner.


Rehabilitating the Laminitic Foot

Dr. Scott Morrison of Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital shares solutions for supporting laminitic horse hooves.


Do Joint Supplements Help Prevent and/or Treat Arthritis?

Dr. David Frisbie of Colorado State describes the effectiveness of equine joint supplements.

5 Things You Need to Know

5 Things You Need to Know: MRI

Dr. Monty McInturff shares what you need to know about magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and horses.


WVC 2013: Multiple Limb Lameness

Dr. Kevin Keegan explains a few things horse owners should know about multiple limb lameness.


Stem Cell Therapy for Orthopedic Injuries

Dr. Ross Rich shares his experience treating equine orthopedic injuries with stem cells.


AAEP 2012: Lameness in the Western Horse

Dr. Bill Rhoads summarizes the western performance horse discussion during the 2012 AAEP Convention.


Surgical Treatment of Bone Cysts

Dr. Liz Santschi presents a method of treating of medial femoral condyle subchondral bone cysts in horses.

Vet Procedures

In-Depth: Understanding Radiographs (X rays)

Dr. Liberty Getman of Tennessee Equine Hospital describes the different types of radiographs and their uses.


Latest Technologies in Diagnosing Equine Lameness

Dr. Kent Allen discusses current options in diagnostic technology for lameness detection in horses.


In-Depth: Equine Lameness (AAEP 2011)

Tim Lynch, DVM, Dipl. ACVS, of Peterson & Smith Equine Hospital, Ocala, Fla., describes lameness topics.


Biologic/Therapeutic Lameness Treatments (AAEP 2011)

New insights on stem cell harvesting, antibiotics with stem cell use, and many more lameness treatments.


Late-Term Mare Care, Foaling, and Young Foal Care

What breeders need to know to keep broodmares healthy and deliver strong, healthy foals.

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