Healthy Barns and Stalls

What hidden dangers lurk in your barn? Learn how to maximize air quality and improve safety in the stable.

What dangers might lurk in your barn? Are your stalls as healthy and safe as they should be for your horses? What does research say about the best ways to maximize air quality in your barn?

About the Experts

Bob Coleman, PhD

Bob Coleman, PhD, grew up showing horses and harness ponies in Brandon, Manitoba. He worked as an animal nutritionist for two feed companies in Western Canada before joining the Alberta Horse Industry Branch, where he worked for 18 years as the provincial extension horse specialist. He is currently an associate extension professor in the Department of Animal and Food Sciences in the College of Agriculture at the University of Kentucky in Lexington.

Erin Denney-Jones, DVM

Erin Denney-Jones, DVM, is an FEI veterinarian and owner of Florida Equine Veterinary Services, in Clermont, Florida. Her interests and practice areas include chiropractic care, sport horse medicine, reproduction, general medicine and surgery, and preventive care including wellness programs, vaccinations, parasite control, and dentistry.

Melissa Millerick-May, MS, PhD

Melissa Millerick-May, MS, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Medicine (Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine) at Michigan State University.