Veterinary Practice


Lay Equine Dentist Files Veterinary Practice Act Lawsuit in Minnesota

August 17, 2006

The Institute for Justice Minnesota Chapter has announced in a press release that it is challenging the state's veterinary licensing process on behalf of a lay (non-veterinarian) equine dentist who is referred to as a "teeth floater." Chris... Read More


Canada's Vet Definition Dilemmas

August 15, 2006

The Supreme Court of British Columbia's recent injunction prohibiting a farrier from practicing equine dentistry is the latest episode in an ongoing conflict between the veterinary associations of Canada's three westernmost provinces, animal owners, ... Read More


Altitude Affects Anesthesia

July 01, 2006

High altitudes can affect an animal's blood pressure; it's the reason athletes must acclimate themselves to high altitude conditions long before they compete in them. University of California (UC), Davis, researchers were concerned that this... Read More


New "Shadow a Veterinarian" Program Available for Students

June 28, 2006

The AAEP Student Program and the AAEP Foundation have created the "Shadow a Veterinarian" program for students of all ages interested in pursuing a career in equine veterinary medicine. Participating... Read More


Research Summit Addresses Need for Increased Funding for Equine Projects

June 27, 2006

How to increase funding for equine research was the primary focus of a collaborative equine research summit held in Read More


University of Minnesota Board of Regents Approves Plans for Equine Treatment and Research Center

June 19, 2006

The University of Minnesota Board of Regents approved plans for the new University of Minnesota Equine Center on June 8 (click here to read the announcement of the plans to build the... Read More


Senate to Vote on Florida Veterinary Practice Act

June 01, 2006

Two years after the Florida Board of Veterinary Practice formally interpreted the state's Veterinary Practice Act to include a number of alternative therapies among practices limited to licensed veterinarians--to the dismay of many horse owners... Read More


University of Minnesota Planning $14 million Equine Center

May 16, 2006

On May 10, the University of Minnesota's College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM), received the green light to build a proposed $14-million equine center. The complex, which will initially be financed by an internal loan from the university, will... Read More


Hospital Footwear and Bacteria

May 15, 2006

A study published in the April edition of the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association (JAVMA) shows little difference in bacteria counts collected in an equine hospital while staff observed different footwear protocols.... Read More


Senate to Vote on Florida Veterinary Practice Act Questions

April 21, 2006

Two years after the Florida Board of Veterinary Practice formally interpreted the state's veterinary practice act to include a number of alternative therapies among practices limited to licensed veterinarians--to the dismay of many horse owners... Read More


University of California Davis Completes Installation of Eklin Digital Radiography Platform

April 10, 2006

(Edited press release)

Eklin Medical Systems, PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System), and Practice Information Management (PIMS) software for the veterinary care market, announced the company has completed installation of its... Read More


Why Vets Get Kicked

March 01, 2006

A Swiss study of kick injuries to veterinarians found that the risk of injury to those treating horses is highest when performing painful procedures on the horse. In the study, Sabina Jaeggin, an assistant in the Vetsuisse Fakulty in Zurich,... Read More


AAEP Convention 2005: More Veterinary Students Going Into Equine Medicine

February 17, 2006

A few years ago the American Association of Equine Parishioners identified a disturbing trend: The number of veterinary graduates pursuing careers in equine medicine was dwindling. Long hours, low pay, and lack of expertise were seen as common... Read More


Christmas Giving

December 01, 2005

Two months, three hurricanes, five states, hundreds dead, thousands homeless, billions of dollars in damage. How can we understand? More importantly, how can we help? In last month's issue, we devoted many pages to covering what happened in... Read More


Helping Horses Worldwide

November 01, 2005

As a responsible horse owner, you make management decisions that affect the current well-being of your horse and his future vitality. You order low-dust bedding for your gelding with heaves. Your veterinarian arrives for her scheduled visit and... Read More


Nasal Septum Resection

November 01, 2005

If the nasal septum—the bony structure that divides the left and right halves of the nasal cavity—becomes deviated or thickened, the nasal passages become narrowed and breathing is impaired. Left untreated, it can lead to exercise intolerance an... Read More


Penn's Veterinary School Successfully Completes Kresge Challenge

October 28, 2005

The University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine has successfully completed the Kresge Challenge, a $1.5 million grant from the Kresge Foundation of Troy, MI. The grant will be used toward completing the new teaching and research... Read More


Mandatory Disclosure of Veterinary Practices Postponed

October 01, 2005

The Monitoring Committee for the Sales Integrity Program has postponed implementation of the mandatory disclosure of acceptable veterinary practices, says the Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association.

The program's code of ethics... Read More


Redden Reopens Podiatry Practice

September 19, 2005


VERSAILLES, Ky. -- R.F. (Ric) Redden, DVM has reopened his equine podiatry practice and will treat diseases and injuries associated with the equine foot on a strict outpatient basis. The clinic is located at... Read More


MRSA Surveillance in Horses at a Hospital

August 01, 2005

Screening for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) upon arrival to a vet hospital is useful for detecting cases of the "superbug" early so affected horses can be isolated, said Scott Weese, DVM, DVSc, Dipl. ACVIM, an... Read More


Young Researchers Honored

August 01, 2005

Research awards are given each year to American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) residents authoring the best abstracts at the ACVIM forum. Two equine projects received awards on June 4 in Baltimore, Md.

Luis Arroyo, DVM, of... Read More


Prosthetics: Science, Not Science Fiction

July 01, 2005

There is a roadside pasture in Pullman, Wash., where a black Quarter Horse stallion has been known to stop traffic. It's not simply the pastoral beauty of a handsome horse in a natural setting that draws attention. Rather, it's that this... Read More


Responsible Needle Disposal

June 27, 2005

The implications of improperly disposed needles can be staggering. Not only can a nasty puncture wound to humans, pets and wildlife be incurred, in doing so, these needles can carry dangerous vaccines, medications, pathogens and antibiotics into the ... Read More


Dedicated to Horse Health

June 01, 2005

Have you ever wished for newer and better treatment for a sick horse? The AAEP Foundation, the charitable arm of the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP), is working to meet this need. Created in 1994, the AAEP Foundation's missio... Read More


Veterinarians Discuss Client Credit Policies

May 27, 2005

In an ideal world, horses would only require veterinary care between the convenient hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., and veterinarians always would be paid at the time of service. While the late-night emergency call is inevitable, high... Read More