Jennifer Whittle, Web Producer

Jennifer Whittle, Web Producer, is a lifelong horse owner who competes with her Appaloosas in Western performance events. She is a University of Kentucky graduate and holds a bachelor’s degree in Community Communications and Leadership Development, and master's degree in Career, Technical, and Leadership Education. She currently lives on a small farm in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky.

Articles by Jennifer Whittle

Poll Recap: Dry Lots for Horses

Of the 579 respondents, 443 (77%) said they use dry lots to help manage their horses' weight. Read More

Poll Recap: Seasonal Respiratory Allergies

Of the 268 respondents, 93 (35%) said their horses suffer from seasonal respiratory allergies. Read More

Poll Recap: Sun Protection for Horses

Of the 529 respondents, 154 said they apply sunscreen and/or zinc oxide cream to protect their horses from sunburn. Read More

Poll Recap: Air Quality in Horse Barns

Of the 475 respondents, 76 (16%) said they're concerned about the air quality in their horses' barns. Read More

Poll Recap: Feeding Alfalfa

Of the 1,244 respondents, 504 (41%) said they feed their horses alfalfa hay. Read More

Poll Recap: Equine Weight Management Challenges

Of the 576 respondents, 277 (48%) said their horses are easy keepers and gain weight easily. Read More

Equine Expos: The One-Stop Shop for Horse Owners

Have you attended an equine expo recently? Find out what these events have to offer for horse enthusiasts. Read More

Poll Recap: Horse Manure Management Strategies

Of the 804 respondents, 344 (43%) said they compost horse manure and use it to amend soil on their property. Read More

Readers Expect Feed, Hay to be Biggest Expense This Year

Of the 832 poll respondents, 285 (34%) say feed and hay will be their most expensive equine-related purchase this year. Read More

Poll Recap: Horse Hoof Care Schedules

Of the 1,743 respondents, 841 (48%) said their horses' hooves are trimmed and/or shod every six to seven weeks. Read More

Poll Recap: Shedding Season

Of the 1,106 respondents, 866 (78%) said they curry or groom their horses to help them shed their winter hair coats. Read More

Poll Recap: Business or Hobby?

Of the 552 respondents, 418 (76%) said they were involved with horses primarily as a hobby. Read More

Poll Recap: Picky Eaters

Of the 413 respondents, 212 (51%) have dealt with an equine picky eater. Read More

Poll Recap: Colic Surgery

Many respondents said they'd have to consider the possible outcomes before sending a horse to colic surgery. Read More

Poll Recap: Complementary Therapies

Of the 665 respondents, 220 (33%) said their horses receive chiropractic care on a routine basis. Read More

Poll Recap: Pasture Buddies

Of the 1,293 poll respondents, 340 (26%) said their horse is turned out with one other horse. Read More

Poll Recap: Equine Dental Exams

Of the 911 respondents, 802 (88%) said their horse has had a dental exam or treatment in the past 12 months. Read More

Poll Recap: A Trip to the Vet

Of the 1,008 respondents, 318 (32%) said their horses are located 10 miles or less away from their equine vet clinic. Read More

Poll Recap: University Teaching Hospitals

Of the 516 respondents, 302 (59%) said they have taken their horse to a university veterinary teaching hospital. Read More

Poll Recap: Winter Horse Care Concerns

Of the 556 respondents, 190 (34%) said their biggest concern is keeping horses' water sources from freezing. Read More

Poll Recap: Dealing With Ice and Horses

Of the 395 respondents, 234 (59%) said ice is a problem on their horse property during the winter. Read More

Poll Recap: Horsey New Year's Resolutions

Of the 220 respondents, 150 (68%) said they do have horse-related resolutions for 2017. Read More

Poll Recap: Has The Horse Helped?

Of the 242 respondents, 175 have talked to their vet about a health issue they learned about in The Horse. Read More

Poll Recap: Joint Injections for Horses

Of the 442 respondents, 90 (20%) use injections as a regular part of their horses' joint management programs. Read More

Poll Recap: Visits From the Vet

Of the 682 respondents, 221 (32%) said their veterinarians see their horses twice a year. Read More