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Articles by Jennifer Whittle

Poll Recap: Hay Soaking

Of the 755 respondents, 584 (77%) said they do not soak their horses' hay. Read More

Poll Recap: Halter Preferences

Of the 1,228 respondents, 378 (31%) said they primarily use flat nylon halters for their horses. Read More

Poll Recap: Thanksgiving Horse Care

Of the 1,096 poll respondents, 748 (68%) said they stay home at Thanksgiving and care for their own horses. Read More

Poll Recap: Mud Management

Of the 600 poll respondents, 161 (27%) said they use sand in their paddocks to reduce mud. Read More

Poll Recap: What Conformation Flaws Can You Live With?

Of the 1,074 respondents, 349 (32%) said they could live with a slight club foot in their horse's conformation. Read More

Poll Recap: Horse Sale Selections

Of the 738 respondents, 440 (60%) said they prefer to sell horses using online or print classifieds and flyers. Read More

Poll Recap: Feeding Arrangements

Of the 1,313 poll respondents, 727 (55%) said their horses are separated during mealtime. Read More

Poll Recap: Horse Feeding Frequency

Of the 2,049 respondents, 698 (34%) said their horse receives hay twice per day. Read More

Poll Recap: Blanketing or Not

Of the 1,531 respondents, 650 (42%) said they plan on blanketing their horses only during inclement weather. Read More

Poll Recap: Selling Rescue Horses

Of the 1,183 respondents, 889 (75%) said yes, it is appropriate to sell or charge a rehoming fee for a rescued horse. Read More

Poll Recap: Horse Prices

Of the 1,858 respondents, 823 people (44%) said they paid $1,001-$5,000 for the last horse they purchased. Read More

Poll Recap: How Much is a 'Rescue' Horse Worth?

Most respondents said referring to a horse as a 'rescue' does not make him more or less valuable than a nonrescue horse. Read More

Poll Recap: Supplement Expenses

Of the 1,045 respondents, 227 (22%) said they spend $21-$40 per month on supplements per horse. Read More

Poll Recap: Renaming Horses

Have you changed a horse's name? In a recent poll, 66% of respondents said they have renamed a horse. Read More

Poll Recap: Your Veterinarian's Horsemanship Skills

Of the 675 respondents, 519 (77%) said their veterinarian's strongest horse handling skill is being patient and calm. Read More

Poll Recap: Social Media Usage

Of the 423 respondents, 280 (66%) said they rely on Facebook the most for horse information. Read More

Poll Recap: Tipping Farriers

Of the 1,727 respondents, 1,220 people (71%) said they do not tip their farrier. Read More

Poll Recap: Room for a Rescue

Of the 575 total respondents, 450 (78%) said they have rescued a horse. Read More

Poll Recap: Barn Wear Splurges

Of the 1,138 respondents, 532 (47%) said they're most likely to splurge on riding boots. Read More

Poll Recap: Horses Injured by Dogs

Of the 989 respondents, 731 (74%) said they have not had a horse injured by a dog. Read More

Poll Recap: Dental Care Costs

Of the 868 respondents, 359 (41%) said their annual dental care costs vary depending on their horses' needs. Read More

Poll Recap: Finding a Veterinarian

Of the 872 respondents, 498 (57%) said their current veterinarian was recommended by a friend or equestrian. Read More

Poll Recap: Water Sources for Horses

Of the 1,476 respondents, 643 (44%) indicated their horses have access to a stock tank for water. Read More

Poll Recap: Horses on the Fourth of July

Of the 716 respondents, 203 people (28%) said they bring their horses into a barn before fireworks start. Read More

Poll Recap: Bathing Horses Warm or Cold

Of 1,071 poll respondents, 489 (46%) said they didn't have access to warm water to bathe their horse. Read More