Erika Street

Erika Street is a writer and filmmaker with a BA in animal physiology.

Articles by Erika Street

Keep Horses Healthy with Biosecurity and Barn Disinfection

Biosecurity measures and regular barn disinfection can help you prevent and control disease at your facility. Read More

Ear-ly Warning Systems

Ear issues in horses are rare. Here's how to recognize them early. Read More

Choosing Feeders: Rack 'Em Up

There are so many types of hay racks, mangers, and feed bins available, how do you know the best one to choose? What factors should you consider? Read on for tips on picking the right feeder for your horse's needs. Read More

Blind: Dealing with the Dark

There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding the care of blind horses, the most common being that a sightless horse cannot enjoy a quality life. While not all horses adjust to blindness as well as Houdini, those with a calm temperament Read More

After Goodbye

As horse owners, we care deeply about our animals. When one of our beloved horses dies, we lose a trusted friend. For many of us, the experience is emotionally devastating. Yet, just when we are at our most pronounced stage of grief, we are Read More