Sonder Named Director of UC Davis Center for Equine Health

Claudia Sonder, DVM, alumnus of the University of California, Davis (UC Davis), School of Veterinary Medicine and a seasoned equine practitioner from Napa, Calif., has been appointed director of the UC Davis Center for Equine Health (CEH), effective June 1, 2013. Sonder has served as interim director of the center since January after being brought to the CEH in 2011 as assistant director to Gregory Ferraro, DVM.

As director, Sonder is tasked with upholding the CEH mission and providing leadership and administrative management of the center. She will provide direct oversight of an equine herd sufficient to meet the school’s teaching, research, and clinical service needs, and will manage the USDA’s certified contagious equine metritis quarantine facility and testing center.

Acting as a liaison between the school and the equine industry, Sonder will monitor the needs of the equine industry and participate with government and nongovernment organizations and individuals in providing scientific and educational resources to solve industry problems.

Additionally, Sonder will be responsible for the development of educational materials and publications for media distribution that reflect the expertise of the school’s faculty and current research activities in equine health care.

"Although I enjoyed my practice immensely, this was an opportunity to help horses on a larger scale," said Sonder. “We need answers to questions about equine athletes across disciplines that will help veterinarians, trainers, and horse owners make informed decisions.”

The CEH has a long history of answering pertinent performance questions for the racing Thoroughbred industry, and Sonder believes the same should be done for all the equestrian disciplines.

The CEH has funded many studies to improve the health and welfare of horses. As the CEH director, Sonder is committed to reaching out to the horse industry and to listening to individual veterinary concerns and priorities. She invites horse enthusiasts to express any interests or concerns to her at

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