What to do if a Horse's Microchip Company is out of Business

Q. I had my horses implanted with a microchip years ago. Recently, I attempted to change my contact information only to find out the website no longer existed and I could not contact the company. I obviously need to register my horses at a new site. What are my options?

Sue Hanson, via Facebook

A. There are a couple of options for owners who’ve had their horses implanted with a microchip but, unfortunately, the original microchip company is no longer in business. If the chip is International Standards Organization (ISO)-compliant, you can register the chip number with one of the more long-standing microchip companies’ databases (Editor’s note: See the American Veterinary Medical Association articles "Microchipping of Animals" and "Microchipping of Animals FAQ" for more specifics about ISO compliance and viable database options.)

If the chip is not ISO compliant, you will need to insert another chip into your horse—you do not have to remove the existing chip. If you are looking for ISO compliance and/or a Fédération Equestre Internationale passport for your horse, I recommend the second-chip option.

About the Author

Laura Kursman

Laura Kursman is an equine consultant for Datamars Microchips, as well as a riding instructor and horse trainer located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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