Farm Call: Your Questions Answered

Staying Sound Post-Tendon Injury

August 16, 2017

Q. My OTTB has recently recovered from a bowed front tendon injury. What can I do to help him continue to stay sound in his new career?

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Endocrinopathic Laminitis Likelihood

August 08, 2017

Q. Are horses that develop sepsis-related or idiopathic laminitis at a higher risk of developing endocrinopathic laminitis down the road?

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Why Does My Horse Stumble After Jumping?

August 02, 2017

Q. My 9-year-old Belgian jumper is starting to lose his balance frequently after jumping. What kind of exams can I do to make sure everything is okay?

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How Can I Keep My Senior Horse With PPID Cool?

July 26, 2017

Q. An owner seeks advice on managing a senior horse with Cushing's disease during a heat wave.

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Why Can't You Kill Equine Internal Parasites in the Field?

July 19, 2017

Q. Are there any parasite-killing products I can apply to pastures after I rotate my horses to a different one?

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Stranger Things: A Sunken Eyelid

July 12, 2017

Q. What could be the cause of this horse's strange eyelid indentation?

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How to Keep Your Horse Safe During the 4th of July

July 03, 2017

Q. A veterinarian offers tips to keep your horse calm despite the noise and sight of festive fireworks.

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Forage Options for Finicky Eaters

June 28, 2017

Q. I have a healthy 21-year-old retired gelding who will not eat any type of hay in his stall at night. I have concerns about him standing in his stall all night without chewing and developing ulcers as a result. What are my options?

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Venograms and Laminitis

June 21, 2017

Q. What is a venogram, and how is it used to help diagnose laminitis?

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Heat in a Compensating Limb

June 14, 2017

Q. I have an off-track Thoroughbred I purchased with a mild suspensory strain. His hock on the affected leg is always warm compared his other hock and knees. Could this mean he's compensating for the suspensory injury?

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Don't Divvy Up The Dewormer

June 07, 2017

Q. Find out how to deworm your horses without promoting drug resistance.

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Transporting Horses Post-Joint Injection

May 31, 2017

Q. How long do I need to wait after sedation and the injections before putting my horse back on the trailer and taking her home?

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Suspicions About Stiltgrass

May 24, 2017

Q. Can Japanese stiltgrass cause digestive upset in horses?

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Why a Veterinarian Should Vaccinate Your Horse

May 17, 2017

Q. Why can't we give our horses their vaccines ourselves? My barn friend said my shots won't count if I give them myself.

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What Causes Equine Cushing's Disease?

May 12, 2017

Q. What causes Cushing's disease, and why does it seem like it's so prevalent in our horses?

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Bute for Old Bones

May 10, 2017

Q. I have a 38-year-old grade gelding with huge, arthritic knees. He fell three weeks ago. X rays show nothing broken or fractured. My veterinarian wants him on phenylbutazone forever. Is there anything else that could help him with no side effects?

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Habituation vs. Learned Helplessness in Horses

May 03, 2017

Q. Learn about a welfare-friendly way to desensitize horses.

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Helping an Easy Keeper Breathe Easy

April 26, 2017

Q. My 20-year-old Thoroughbred has respiratory allergies. Is there anything I can do to help him breathe easier while wearing a muzzle?

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Parasite Control Recommendations for Boarded Horses

April 21, 2017

Q. Vets recommend a whole-facility-focused approach to parasite control, but what do you do when you don't manage the farm?

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Seasonal Manure Changes

April 19, 2017

Q. A veterinarians answers a reader's question on why some horses have seasonal runny manure.

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My Horse Keeps Eating his Himalayan Salt Block: Is He Okay?

April 12, 2017

Q. An equine nutritionist explains how to ensure your horse gets an appropriate amount of salt.

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Laminitis Survivors: Getting Back on Grass

April 05, 2017

Q. After a horse has had a bout with laminitis, can she be brought up slowly on grass again, for say, 20 minutes daily? If so, how soon can this be done?

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Aloe Vera for Equine Ulcers?

March 29, 2017

Q. A veterinarian addresses whether oral aloe vera could help gastric ulcers and offers evidence-based alternatives.

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Resolving a Common Swelling

March 15, 2017

Q. My mare's rear legs swell around the tendon and fetlock area overnight after exercise. She is not lame or sore, but I wrap it when it swells. Is this swelling common, what it could be, and are there any prevention steps I could take?

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What Should I Expect From a Veterinary Visit?

March 08, 2017

Q. I am looking for general information regarding my veterinarian and horse care. What should I expect from the veterinarian? Is there a set protocol or standard that I should be asking for?

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