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UKVDL Map of the Month: R. equi

Rhodococcus equi is the most serious cause of bacterial pneumonia in foals 4 to 6 months old. Read More

UK Graduate Student Spotlight: Veronica Bill

Veronica Bill is studying the relationship between forage chemical composition and equine digestion and nutrition. Read More

Quick Fixes to Improve Horse Pastures

While substantial improvements are long-term endeavors, some quick fixes can improve pastures in six weeks or less. Read More

100th Equine Diagnostic, Research Seminar is Sept. 27

A mini-symposium will focus on "Ensuring the Golden Years: Problems and Care of Old Horses." Read More

UK Junior First Recipient of Jockey Club Scholarship

University of Kentucky student Julianna Witt is interested in pursuing a career in the Thoroughbred racing industry. Read More

UK to Host Turf Research Field Day

Field day attendees can tour the research plots at the A.J. Powell Jr. Turfgrass Research Center. Read More

Two Types of Horsepower Drive UK Researcher

Dr. Carl Mattacola heads UK's Equine Jockey/Rider Injury Prevention Initiative. Read More

Farm and Facilities Expo Provides Practical Information

Find tips on barn design, farm site planning, nutrition, and pasture management. Read More

UK Summit Focuses on Developing Tomorrow's Equine Workforce

Panelists offered insights on current horse industry needs and future trends. Read More

Research Reveals Way to Improve Legume Nitrogen Production

Legumes can fulfill their own nitrogen needs and produce and leave enough in the soil for other plants to use. Read More

Animal Resource Exercise Will Help Prepare for Emergencies

The event will help prepare first responders for dealing with animals, including horses, in the event of a disaster. Read More

UK Graduate Student Spotlight: Bora Nam

Nam is studying equine arteritis virus evolution during persistent infection of stallions' reproductive tracts. Read More

UKVDL Map of the Month: Rabies 1989-2016

The map displays the historical rabies data for all species affected in Kentucky over the past 27 years. Read More

Warm-Season Tips for Managing Cool-Season Horse Pastures

Cool-season pastures grow rapidly in the spring and fall, and management techniques must change with the seasons. Read More

Applying Research Knowledge During Equine Wellness Clinics

A PhD student describes her recent experience applying her research skills during an equine community outreach event. Read More

2017 UK Equine Farm, Facilities Expo to be Held June 8

Attendees can receive tips on barn design, farm site planning, nutrient intake regulation, pasture management, and more. Read More

UK Graduate Student Spotlight: Fatai Oladunni

Oladunni is studying how equine herpesvirus-1 suppresses a host's innate immune response. Read More

Study Shows Agriculture's Impact on Woodford County Economy

Thoroughbred stud fees are a significant source of revenue and sales tax revenue in Woodford County, Kentucky. Read More

Former UK Graduate Student Spotlight: Patrick Gallagher

Gallagher studied genetics under Ernest Bailey, PhD, and the late Teri Lear, PhD. Read More

UKVDL Map of the Month: EHV-1 Abortions

Cases of EHV-related abortions from the 2017 foal crop have been confirmed in three Kentucky counties. Read More

Friesian Dwarfism, Hydrocephaly Genetic Tests Available

Genetic Testing at Gluck is offering tests to identify carriers of the dwarfism and hydrocephaly mutations. Read More

Danielle Jostes Named UK Equine Philanthropy Director

Jostes will connect individuals and stakeholders to strategic priorities within the college's equine-related programs. Read More

Biosecurity, Hygiene, and Horses

The mainstays of biosecurity still center around good hygiene, diagnostics, quarantine, isolation, and traffic control. Read More

Elzinga Wins Second UK Vet Science 3-MT Competition

Sarah Elzinga, MS, is studying inflammation and insulin dysregulation in the horse. Read More

UK Equine Programs Receives $6.8 Million Gift From Alumnus

Dr. John Pirri Jr. pledged more than $6.8 million for UK Ag Equine Programs' facility needs. Read More