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University of Melbourne Vets Aim to Improve Racehorse Safety

Researchers received a $5.25 million funding commitment from the Victoria, Australia, Government and Racing Victoria. Read More

Forest Service Offers Wild Horse Gather Operation Viewing

The Modoc National Forest office will conduct a wild horse gather from private and tribal lands between Sept. 6 and 16. Read More

NYSGC to Host Retired Racehorse Meeting on Aug. 30

The public meeting is part of the commission's efforts to drive attention and resources to racehorse retirement. Read More

Maryland Owners Urged to Keep Horses' Vaccinations Updated

Preventing disease is less expensive than treating it, so officials are encouraging horse owners to be proactive. Read More

EIPH Research a Fundraising Priority for AAEP Foundation

Up to 68% of Thoroughbred racehorses have evidence of EIPH post-exercise. Read More

Utah Confirms First Equine WNV Cases of 2016

Both cases were confirmed in unvaccinated horses from Uintah County. Read More

Tennessee Piroplasmosis: 19 Horses Now Confirmed Positive

All the positive cases are connected to two locations in Rutherford County and Bedford County. Read More

California Racehorse Drug Testing Moving Forward

Researchers will be studying the use of biomarkers drug testing. Read More

New York Horse Owners Urged to Minimize West Nile Virus Risk

There has been one confirmed equine WNV case in the state so far this year. Read More

Neurologic EHV-1 Confirmed in Washington

The 18-year-old Quarter Horse mare from Newport was euthanized at Washington State University. Read More

Niall Brennan Stables Contributes to Ocala Initiative

The Ocala Initiative is a $200,000 undertaking designed to advance equine research in Florida. Read More

New Test to Detect Toxic Blue-Green Algae in Water

Blue-green algae can produce toxins that cause health problems and even death in animals, including horses. Read More

The Grass is Always Greener: Quick Pasture Management Tips

Basic pasture management is relatively simple, but requires diligence and understanding. Read More

Horses Impacted by Floods in Louisiana in Need

Find out how you can assist with the rescue and care of horses impacted by the flooding in Louisiana. Read More

West Nile Virus Confirmed in Two Idaho Horses

The two unvaccinated horses from Boundary County died as a result of the disease. Read More

Stallion Reproduction Symposium Schedule Released

The International Symposium on Stallion Reproduction will take place Aug. 27-29 at the University of Illinois. Read More

Virginia Confirms Fifth, Sixth Cases of Equine EEE for 2016

Both horses were from Suffolk and were euthanized. Neither had up-to-date vaccinations. Read More

Coverdale Honored with 2016 Equine Science Award

Dr. Josie Coverdale was an associate professor at Texas A&M University before her death in February. Read More

West Nile Confirmed in Two Nevada Horses

A horse in Churchill County and another in Clark County have tested positive for West Nile virus. Read More

BLM Concludes Nevada Burro Gather

The BLM gathered 42 burros utilizing a temporary corral stocked with hay and water. Read More

Penn Vet Lecture to Focus on Equine Neurologic Exams

Dr. Amy Johnson will conduct live equine neurologic exam demonstrations as part of the lecture. Read More

BIVI Seeking Proposals for Equine Research Awards

Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica will give $75,000 in five individual $15,000 awards to fund selected studies. Read More

Madden, Cortes 'C' Withdrawn From Olympic Jumping

Cortes 'C' sustained an injury during the first round of the team competition on Aug. 16. Read More

Pennsylvania Adopts Racehorse Uniform Medication Program

Pennsylvania is the 10th state to fully adopt the National Uniform Medication Program. Read More

Texas Confirms Six New Equine West Nile Cases

The laboratory also confirmed one case of Eastern equine encephalitis in a horse residing in Orange County. Read More