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Want to adopt a free horse? Check out the listings below to find your match, then contact the owner to work out an adoption! Or if you have a horse to give away, list it here for free.

The Horse does not control, is not responsible for and makes no representations or warranties with respect to any user-generated listing displayed on You must conduct any necessary, appropriate, prudent or judicious investigation, inquiry, research and due diligence with respect to any user-generated listing. If you suspect a fraudulent listing or an attempt to sell a horse (instead of giving it away), or to remove a horse from this list contact us at

Adoptable Horses

Listing Horse Name Gender Breed Color Height State Foaled Posted
PUREBRED ARABIANS FREE TO GOOD HOME Dakota & Silver Gelding Arabian White 15 hh VA 6/11/1994 7/9/2014
FREE TO GOOD HOME BUDDY Gelding Haflinger Chestnut 14- hh WI 6/14/2000 7/8/2014
Impress small solid white horse Impress Mare Rocky Mountain Horse White 14 hh TN 5/1/2007 7/8/2014
Draft Percheron Mix Lancelot Gelding Percheron Other 17.2 hh TN 7/8/2003 7/8/2014
Great Grandson of Bask Persian Arabian Port Jackson Gelding Arabian Dark Bay/Brown 15 hh TN 7/8/1996 7/8/2014
Seattle Slew Great Grandson/Gelding Rascal Gelding Thoroughbred Black 16 hh TX 3/31/2003 7/7/2014
appaloosa Hunter Gelding Appaloosa Gray/Roan 15 hh OH 3/30/2010 7/6/2014
Purebred Arabian Mare Berroness Mare Arabian Bay 15 hh WA 1/1/1988 7/4/2014
Rideable pasture pet Joe Gelding Appaloosa White 16 hh ID 4/4/2002 7/4/2014
AMERICAN QUARTER HORSE STALLION ZIP A CLUE Stallion American Quarter Horse Other 15.1 hh GA 3/29/1992 7/1/2014
My horse needs a new home fredy Mare Percheron Gray/Roan 16.3 hh FL 2/5/2005 7/1/2014
Small grey AQHA yearling filly Fritz Filly American Quarter Horse Gray/Roan 14 hh OK 6/27/2014 6/28/2014
TWH/Morgan Trail Horse Rudy Gelding Tennessee Walking Horse Dark Bay/Brown 14.1 hh MI 1/1/1995 6/27/2014
Beautiful mare Ginger Mare Mustang Bay 14 hh IN 1/1/2006 6/26/2014
Beautiful Appaloosa mare Charm Mare Appaloosa Bay NC 2/1/1995 6/24/2014
Companion horse free to a good home Santana Mare Oldenburg Dark Bay/Brown 17.1 hh NJ 5/1/1999 6/22/2014
NSH palomino gelding Ten Gelding National Show Horse Palomino 15.3 hh WI 6/18/2014 6/18/2014
Morgan to loving home Zeppelin Gelding Morgan Black 14.2 hh NY 1/1/1997 6/16/2014
Willing Dressage horse, OTTB Easter Cat Gelding Thoroughbred Chestnut 17 hh MD 4/12/1998 6/13/2014
Fox hunter prospect Tuck Gelding Thoroughbred Bay 16.2 hh PA 1/1/2000 6/13/2014
Horse to good home Beau Gelding American Quarter Horse Black 16 hh TX 6/16/2001 6/10/2014
8yr thbd gelding a great go horse! buster Gelding Thoroughbred Bay 16 hh IN 6/21/1998 6/10/2014
Free Morgan Cross Mare Cinnamon Mare Morgan Gray/Roan 15 hh OH 6/30/2014 6/10/2014
Companion Horse Diamond's Jewel ("DJ") Gelding American Paint Horse Chestnut 15.1 hh TN 5/26/1999 6/10/2014
Older gentle mare Diamonds & Rust ("Rusty") Mare American Paint Horse Dark Bay/Brown 15 hh TN 1/1/1994 6/10/2014
Gentle gelding Shep Gelding American Paint Horse Palomino 14.3 hh TN 8/5/2009 6/10/2014
Versitle Filly! Bug Filly Quarab Chestnut 14.2 hh NC 9/7/2012 6/9/2014
Loving and Calm TB The Royal Gatsby Gelding Thoroughbred Bay NC 6/24/2005 6/9/2014
Fancy sweet TB mare Roxy Mare Thoroughbred Bay 16 hh CA 1/1/2002 6/7/2014
Free Young Horse SC Gelding Mustang Bay 14.1 hh CA 1/15/2011 6/7/2014
beautiful show bred for breed or comp. one obvious lady Mare Appaloosa Gray/Roan 15.1 hh PA 3/1/2004 6/6/2014
2 Horses looking for a great home Jack Gelding Thoroughbred Dark Bay/Brown 17 hh NH 1/5/2004 6/6/2014
Free To good home Zen Gelding Thoroughbred Chestnut 16.3 hh CA 1/12/2000 6/5/2014
Lovely 18 year old former eventer Pebbles Mare Thoroughbred Bay 16 hh CA 4/18/1996 6/4/2014
Retired Brood Mare Hanks Kitty Will Mare American Quarter Horse Palomino 14.3 hh CA 5/1/1987 6/3/2014
Free to a Loving Home Begging Gelding Thoroughbred Dark Bay/Brown 15.1 hh VA 2/13/1990 6/3/2014
Reining Gelding Skeeter Gelding American Quarter Horse Chestnut 14.1 hh IN 3/17/2002 6/2/2014
Child or Teen Horse Ginger Filly American Quarter Horse Bay 14- hh OK 6/30/2014 6/2/2014
Companion Mare or Broodmare Available Audrey Mare Dutch Warmblood Dark Bay/Brown 16.1 hh NY 1/1/2002 5/31/2014
Young gelding perfect for pasture mate "Bruce" Gelding Standardbred Bay 16 hh NJ 3/1/2011 5/29/2014
Lovely thoroughbred mare Peta Mare Thoroughbred Bay 16.3 hh NJ 4/25/1998 5/22/2014
Belgian Draft x Paint cross 16.3H Red Shayne Gelding Belgian Chestnut 16.3 hh NJ 5/21/2014 5/21/2014
Gorgeous, Classy TB Gelding Zurs Gelding Thoroughbred Chestnut 16.1 hh MD 3/11/2006 5/21/2014
Lovely Ole Gal "Nell" Mare Arabian White 14.3 hh NC 5/21/2014 5/21/2014
Sweet Shetland/Mini Mare loves kids! Miss Coco Chanel Mare Shetland pony Dark Bay/Brown 14- hh ME 1/1/2002 5/21/2014
Free Welsh/Hackney Pony Fancy Mare Welsh Cob Bay 14- hh WI 1/1/1999 5/20/2014
Excellent broodmare Ta'Shia (Touch's Born To Boogie Mare Missouri Fox Trotter Dark Bay/Brown 16 hh WY 1/18/1998 5/19/2014
TB Gelding Saratoga High Gelding Thoroughbred Chestnut 16.1 hh NH 3/25/1999 5/16/2014
Free Horses Daisy Mare American Paint Horse Other 15.2 hh OH 3/16/2000 5/16/2014
Free horses Simon Gelding Arabian Chestnut 15.1 hh OH 5/15/2009 5/16/2014
2 Free quarter horses CiCi (male) Lilly (female) Gelding American Quarter Horse Dark Bay/Brown MD 5/17/2014 5/16/2014
Cute and sweet little mare Jazzie Mare American Paint Horse Other 14.3 hh IL 9/14/2009 5/14/2014
Dressage Quincey Stallion Mustang Black WY 5/1/2003 5/13/2014
Sweet Chestnut Gelding Miggs Gelding Other Chestnut 15.2 hh MD 9/13/1996 5/9/2014
mighty Nathan Narkavich Gelding Other Other 14.3 hh PA 5/21/2005 5/9/2014
Hunter pony Bubbles Mare Other Bay 14.2 hh VA 1/1/1994 5/9/2014
Pasture Mate/ Walk-only Impressed by Cache Mare American Quarter Horse Chestnut 14.3 hh VA 4/20/1997 5/9/2014
Needing an expierenced trainer Calamity Mare American Quarter Horse Dark Bay/Brown TN 5/9/2014 5/8/2014
Fame VF Arabian needs a good home Fame's Eclipse Gelding Arabian Bay 15.2 hh NM 4/8/1994 5/8/2014
QH Mare Gingersnap Mare American Quarter Horse Chestnut 14 hh OH 6/19/2014 5/6/2014
Quarter Horse gelding Blu Gelding American Quarter Horse Gray/Roan 15 hh MS 8/1/1993 5/6/2014
Gelding Seamus Gelding Thoroughbred Chestnut 16 hh MS 5/1/2001 5/6/2014
Percheron mare Matisse Mare Percheron Black 16.1 hh MS 5/1/2003 5/6/2014
Looking for loving home Sadie Mare American Quarter Horse Bay 15.2 hh FL 5/15/1994 5/6/2014
A lovely lady's saddle horse OTOE SNAZZY BAR Mare American Quarter Horse Gray/Roan 15 hh NM 3/9/1997 5/5/2014
Mare free to a good home Storm Mare American Quarter Horse White 15 hh WA 12/20/1994 5/5/2014
Breeding Mare Sam Mare Rocky Mountain Horse White TX 5/2/2014 5/2/2014
beautiful palomino pal Gelding American Quarter Horse Palomino 15 hh VA 5/2/1994 5/2/2014
Old working horse Cisco Gelding American Quarter Horse Other 15.2 hh TX 1/1/1994 4/30/2014
Old lesson horse Zack Gelding American Quarter Horse Chestnut 15 hh TX 1/1/1984 4/30/2014
Older arabian mare Kalisha Mare Arabian Bay 15 hh TX 1/1/1984 4/30/2014
FREE TRAIL HORSE MAGIC DOMINO Gelding Spotted Saddle horse Other 15.2 hh NH 5/10/1995 4/28/2014
Walking Horse Paint Yearling Mister Casanova Stallion Tennessee Walking Horse Black 14.2 hh MS 11/1/2012 4/27/2014
Ky Mountain Horse to Good Home Zeus Gelding Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Other 15 hh MS 4/1/2007 4/27/2014
loving misty misty Mare Other Dark Bay/Brown 14.1 hh CT 4/29/2014 4/27/2014
"SOUND,LOVING" TB Gelding, Zoomer "Bold Moon Dancer Gelding Thoroughbred Bay 15.3 hh MN 6/10/1996 4/24/2014
Half Arabian/NSH 13 yr old Mare Buffy Mare National Show Horse Chestnut 15.3 hh WI 4/16/2001 4/24/2014
Beautiful Appendix Gelding Chip Gelding American Quarter Horse Bay 16 hh OH 3/3/2003 4/24/2014
Super cute unnamed Stallion Arabian Bay 14- hh IL 6/2/2013 4/23/2014
Do you like Bacon Skye Gelding Arabian White 14.2 hh IL 1/1/1990 4/23/2014
Beautiful Thoroughbred mare Kiwi Mare Thoroughbred Bay 15.3 hh TX 2/1/1996 4/22/2014
sweet Morgan gelding rides and drives Buddy Gelding Morgan Bay 15.3 hh CT 4/10/2000 4/22/2014
Showmanship Champion mare Total New Story Mare American Quarter Horse Chestnut 15.1 hh MI 5/12/1990 4/21/2014
Pasture Pal Flashy Patrick Gelding American Quarter Horse Other 15.1 hh MI 3/17/1983 4/21/2014
4 yr old mare athena Mare Racking horse Other 14 hh KY 2/10/2015 4/21/2014
Wonderful Companion Horse Bey Mare Arabian Bay 16 hh FL 1/1/1993 4/21/2014
14 yr dunn zac Gelding American Quarter Horse Other 15.3 hh AZ 4/21/2000 4/20/2014
Perfect dressage mare Chloe Mare Thoroughbred Chestnut 15.3 hh CA 4/18/2002 4/18/2014
Loves Kids!!! Chrisie Lil Miss (Chloe) Mare American Paint Horse Other AL 1/1/2008 4/17/2014
Wonderful Arab trail horse Brier's Touch Gelding Arabian Chestnut 14.3 hh CA 8/6/1990 4/17/2014
Gray QH registered Mare Free Gray Lady Cash Mare American Quarter Horse Gray/Roan 16 hh TX 5/18/1991 4/16/2014
Sweet Paint Lily Mare American Paint Horse Other 14.2 hh CA 4/1/2002 4/16/2014
3 year old arab gelding Dean Gelding Arabian Bay 16 hh CA 5/30/2011 4/14/2014
15 year old mare Dutchess Mare Thoroughbred Bay 15.3 hh CA 1/1/1999 4/11/2014
Mustang Mares cherry n brownie Mare Mustang Other 15 hh CA 4/10/2014 4/10/2014
In your Pocket Cabo Gelding American Quarter Horse Chestnut 15.2 hh FL 4/1/2002 4/10/2014

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