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UK Equine Programs Receives $6.8 Million Gift From Alumnus

Dr. John Pirri Jr. pledged more than $6.8 million for UK Ag Equine Programs' facility needs. Read More

UK Graduate Student Spotlight: Victoria Taylor

Taylor is studying how Kentucky 31 tall fescue and a novel endophyte tall fescue affect nonpregnant and pregnant mares. Read More

UK to Host Second Equine Nutrition Short Course

Presentation topics include feeding through a horse's life cycle, evaluating body condition, nutrition myths, and more. Read More

New Perspectives on Foal Nutrition

Dr. Laurie Lawrence shares results of studies on mare milk composition and foals' GI microbial colonization. Read More

Broodmares' Nutritional Needs During Late Gestation

A pregnant mare should maintain a healthy weight to support both the fetus' and her own calorie needs. Read More

UK to Host Second 3-MT Competition for Doctoral Students

The three-minute thesis (3-MT) competition teaches students to communicate about their research in a concise manner. Read More

UKVDL Map of the Month: Lawsonia in Kentucky Equids

L. intracellularis can cause segments of small intestines and sometimes large intestines to thicken. Read More

Loux Receives Storm Cat Career Development Award

Dr. Shavahn Loux is studying mares' microRNA population during normal gestation and experimentally induced placentitis. Read More

National Conference on Equine Law to be Held May 3-4

The conference will cover legal issues affecting breeding, buying, selling, and other horse industry businesses. Read More

Mare and Foal Nutrition Study Creates New Areas of Interest

Researchers recently conducted a study on the effects of starch source on mare and foal hindgut bacteria. Read More

Fertilizing Cool-Season Horse Pastures

Good pasture management begins with maintaining soil fertility to promote the growth of desirable grasses. Read More

UK Graduate Student Spotlight: Caroline Loos

Loos is studying muscle protein metabolism and how factors like exercise, diet, and disease impact muscle development. Read More

Disease Maps, Surveillance System Help Navigate Outbreaks

To mitigate the consequences of a disease outbreak, it is important to understand where the disease is spreading. Read More

Female Equestrians Needed for Study on Breast Health

Researchers hope studying breast biomechanics could lead to the development of a better equestrian sports bra. Read More

Annual Career Fair Unites College Students, Equine Industry

The ninth UK Ag Equine Programs' Equine Career and Opportunity Fair will be held March 7 at 4:30 p.m., in Lexington. Read More

Eastern Tent Caterpillar Eggs Could Hatch Early in Kentucky

Entomologists predict that this year's egg hatch could beat the previous record for early hatching "soundly." Read More

Buckeye Nutrition Partners with Gluck Center on EMS Research

Dr. Amanda Adams is studying obesity's effects on metabolic and inflammatory components, particularly in EMS horses. Read More

Nielsen Named Co-Editor of Parasitology Journal

Dr. Martin Nielsen was recently named the North American co-editor-in-chief of Veterinary Parasitology. Read More

UK Animal Shelter Study First in More Than 20 Years

Researchers found that a lack of sufficient funding was the major problem identified by most shelter workers. Read More

Henning Leaving Post as Head of UK Cooperative Extension

Dr. Jimmy Henning will return to the UK faculty as an extension forage specialist. Read More

Brown Named Chair of Gluck Equine Research Foundation

Dr. Stuart Brown will take over as chair, and Michael Banahan, of Godolphin's Jonabell Farm, will serve as vice chair. Read More

Warm Winter Could Affect Tall Fescue Toxicosis in Broodmares

Mild weather could be behind higher-than-average ergovaline concentrations in tall fescue in Central Kentucky pastures. Read More

Farm Worker Safety Study Yields Bilingual Education Material

The material is designed to equip horse farm managers and workers with information needed to stay safe on the job. Read More

Two-Year Frangible Pin Study Continues

Researchers will continue examining the physics behind rotational falls on cross-country courses. Read More

Conference Takes Fresh Approach to Alfalfa, Stored Forages

Attendees will learn how they can improve the efficiency and quality of all their hay, silage, and baleage production. Read More